Overview  & Goals

This lesson explores the question, “What is composition in the visual arts?’  At the end of this lesson, students will be able to define and describe methods of composition in the visual arts.

Instructor Lesson


Downloand Lesson 10 Color and Composition (pdf)


Instructions: For this exercise, use paints on paper or Photoshop.  


Download this Exercise

Exercise Submission & Discussion

Project 3 – Packaging Design


Download the Project 3 file (PDF)

Project  Submission & Formal  Critique

  1. Review instructions ‘Project  Submission’.
  2. Make a new post on the blog and click  the  Category ‘Project 3  ‘.
  3. View all posts in this category.
  4. Do a formal critique of one of your classmates Project 3  submissions. Put your formal critique in the ‘Comments’ section inside their post. Remember to follow the formal critique guidelines.

Complete Portfolio 2  Due

Your portfolio post should include an image of all artworks completed for Section 2  (Lessons 7-10).

  1. Create a new post on the blog and click the Category ‘Portfolio 2’
  2. If you have created an external portfolio site on Behance or another network, make a link to your portfolio for Section 1 (Sections must be obvious).  – OR – If you have not created an external portfolio, upload all of the images you created for Section 2  into your blog post on this site (just one blog post for all images).