Overview  & Goals

Six basic color schemes are covered in this lesson, which will form the basis of understanding how colors interact with one another.  At the end of this lesson, students will gain knowledge of using these formulas to create a pleasing harmonic balance in their artwork.

Instructor Lesson


Download Lesson 6 Color Schemes (pdf)


Instructions: For this exercise, use paints on paper.  


Downloand exercise Color Schemes (pdf)

Exercise Submission & Discussion

Project 2 – Tetradic


Download the Project 2 file (PDF)

Project  Submission & Formal  Critique

  1. Review instructions ‘Project  Submission’.
  2. Make a new post on the blog and click  the  Category ‘Project 2  ‘.
  3. View all posts in this category.
  4. Do a formal critique of one of your classmates Project 1 submissions. Put your formal critique in the ‘Comments’ section below  their post. Remember to follow the formal critique guidelines.

Complete Portfolio 1 Due

Your portfolio post should include an image of all artworks completed for Section 1 (Lessons 1-6).

  1. Create a new post on the blog and click the Category ‘Portfolio 1’
  2. If you have created an external portfolio site on Behance or another network, make a link to your portfolio for Section 1 (Sections must be obvious).  – OR – If you have not created an external portfolio, upload all of the images you created for Section 1 into your blog post on this site (just one blog post for all images).