Overview  & Goals

This lesson  explores the properties of color and how colors interact.  At the end of this lesson, students will be able to demonstrate how to create b/w and color value scales and lower intensity mixing.

Instructor Lesson


Download this Lesson (pdf)

Photoshop  Activity


  1. Watch the following video.  
  2. Using the techniques covered in the video, use Photoshop to create a simple object (similar to the final rectangles in the video) that demonstrates blending between white and black or you can choose colors.  
  3. Make a new post  on the blog and click  the  Category ‘Photoshop’.
  4. Title the post “Photoshop Lesson 3”
  5. Post an image of what you created in Photoshop.  
  6. Write about any difficulties you encountered and how you resolved them.
  7. Commenting on other student’s  Photoshop posts is encouraged, but not required.

Blending colours in photoshop basic tutorial for digital painting with the colour picker



Instructions: For this exercise, use paints on paper.  


Download this Exercise (pdf)

Exercise Submission & Discussion

Project 1 – Complementary Color


Download the Project 1 file (PDF)

Project  Submission & Formal  Critique

  1. Review instructions ‘Project  Submission’.
  2. Make a new post on the blog and click  the  Category ‘Project 1 ‘.
  3. View all posts in this category.
  4. Do a formal critique of one of your classmates Project 1 submissions. Put your formal critique in the ‘Comments’ section inside their post. Remember to follow the formal critique guidelines.