Final Project – Lauren F.

My final project was focused on something that I have struggled with since I began working in two-dimentional art.  While working with bold colors to create interesting schemes has never been much of an issue for me, choosing and implementing colors that are close to reality has challenged me throughout my artistic work.

Often, the nuances of skin tones and varience of color within a greater plane escape me.  When I look at a person, I see flesh color: not the hints of green and yellow that make up skin.  Hair is brown or red or blonde.  I have to look especially closely to see the red in black hair, or the green in blonde.

So, my final project was based on uaing colors that are representative of real life.  I decided to use myself as a subject and paint a self portrait using hues that are as similar to reality as possible.

From the beginning I was challenged with having to draw a face, and have that face be my own.  Capturing the essence of people is another thing I need to work on quite a bit, and my own face is a confusing subject for me.  I sketched out a fair likeness before moving on to mixing colors.

In an effort to avoid layering too much light paint over dark, I began with the lightest parts of my face.  White made up the shiny parts, followed by a mixture mostly of white with trace amounts of red and green.  The original hue was too pink, so I added a bit of yellow to bring it down a bit, which worked well.

the darker skin tones were more of a challenge, because the photo I was working with was oversaturated, showing a lot of reds that were difficult to replicate.  I think I went a little too brown with those.

my jacket was fairly straightforward.  It was black, but the lighter parts worked quite well made up of blue.

I think the hair was easiest for me.  I mixed the brown out of red and green, added yellow for the lighter parts, and layered it successfully.  I avoided trying to texture it too much, since the focus was on color and I disn’t want to overwork the piece.

I think the main thing I need to work on in using realistic color is finding more confidence.  I add skin tones slowly, and often end up working too light because I am worried I’ll make something too dark and lose the whole piece.

I am still pretty happy with this piece, though.  I think it helped me develop my skills substancially.  I would be able to pursue another project with much more confidence than this one, and perhaps be able to use color more effectively to give my work volume.  Being able to recognize differences in color will also help me work in black and white, as it will give me another point of reference within each subject.IMAG0861_1_1 IMAG0838

Gloria Work in progress

I love this assignment but in the middle of my work I change my ideas, I did not change the design but I redesign my paint. I did not like the colors combination that I was getting so I change it.

originally the colors of my flower were violet now they are pink well I have I new picture you can see the modification I did.Project update


Jackies Work in progress

final project

My final project is coming along quite nicely. I am getting to the point were I have decided how exactly I should work with the shading and some of the coloration  in the area. It is quite nice and the toilet  has even turned out fairly well. I’m  thinking I’ve captured at least part of the atmosphere I wanted. There still are several things that need work.

A. the back of the mans shirt and his face in in general

B. the hands on the man in the door

C. the bloodstains and blood in general

D. the glowing light coming from the eye

I’m sure theirs more but I will find them as a continue to work. Anyways that is how this is going so far.

Kathryn- Final Progress


I posted my update a week ago thinking that’s when it was due.   Oops!   Here is what I’ve done since.   I started painting the lake but it’s still very much a work in progress.   I’m still trying to decide what brushstroke I want to use that is cohesive without losing the ducks.   I’m having a lot of fun with this project and think it won’t really be much longer until I’m done.   Sorting out the lake is going to be the last really challenging part.

Final Project Proposal – Lauren F.

For my final project, I want to paint a picture using a realistic color scheme.  The most difficult thing about managing colors for me is to  reflect reality.  There is so much to color that I just don’t inherently see, which makes it difficult to replicate.

I will paint a self-portrait in order to work with colors.  This will limit most of my palette to neutral skin tones, but I will attempt to find a backdrop or background that adds a bit more color diversity to the scene.  Or I might just make the background up when I have done the main portrait.  Wearing brightly colored clothes will also spice things up.

In order to gain concept of what colors I should be mixing in order to make the portrait look more realistic, I will spend extra time examining the subject in order to get an understanding of all of the colors that make up the color I perceive.  My hair is brown, now, but it has traces of red, black, and blue in it.  My face is peachy, but there are bits of green under my eyes that go unnoticed without careful attention.

After the portrait is finished, I will pay special attention to photographing it so that it looks nice on the screen.  I will touch up the colors to make them appear as accurate to the actual photo as possible.

I don’t really know what to add to this proposal to make it more representative.  Schemes and palettes make enough sense to me; they’re decently straightforward.  The main challenge I face with color theory is concerning actual color selection and communication of volume.  If I manage to pull off either of these effects, I will be satisfied with my work.

Project Proposal-Devante Owens


For my final project I would like to create a design that I can translate into a screen print for my printmaking class. I am more comfortable with traditional methods of painting so I am going to do a digital image. The image has to work as a silkscreen and I plan on using a lot of flat colors. Unfortunately the more colors I use, the longer making a print will take so I want to keep it limited to less than five. This is one reason I decided to revisit the monochromatic color scheme and rework the acrylic painting I did earlier for the exercise. I want to do something that relies on lines and looks more graphic. My plan is to mimic the style of Mucha and his poster art. The entire piece would be in different shades of pink and use this variety to imply dimension.

                      The focus of the drawing will be Floyd Mayweather, the famous boxer. I am aiming for a vertical composition like many of the influential French posters of the early 1900s.     There will be a mixture of the highly decorative elements of Mucha’s work and the grungy font of the Pink Floyd logo. I think this contrast will add some interest to the piece and I’m hoping that the pun translates well. I am a little worried about working with the decorative patterns because it is definitely something I am not comfortable with.

These are the sketches I have come up with so far for the design.  I am going to have to look up more of Mucha’s work and really study the design before I get any sketches that are really worth working up.        Final Project Sketch