Jackie Project (late as heck)

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So the general basis behind this phone is this is a phone that lets you talk to supernatural and extraterrestrial beings. I called it PossesION because it sounded like the sort of stupid name that people love to give this kind of thing. This was not a good assignment for me. It took me forever to find the correct type of material to make this out of and in the end I went with mediocre rather than the best. It is made from paper towels and a tea box. I would have tried to make it out of larboard but it just wouldn’t behave itself so after multiple failed attempts I gave up and went with easier to work with things.

I do kinda like the way this box turned out, it is a bit messy but I liked the effect the rough edges have on it. It looks like one of those products you read about in horror stories when its like “I was at the store looking for a new phone because my dog chewed up mine and I saw this crappy box with a weird description and a strange smell emanating from it…”  That sort of thing.

On the downside the writing is rather messy, I am horrible at typography it turns out. I feel this combined with how late this is is going to bring me a well deserved F. I do feel really bad about this, but it just wasn’t my week. Hopefully everything else will go more smoothly from now on.



Joel S – Project 3

The other day I had some Thai food, and I spent time appreciating the little takeout boxes you get at restaurants. I wanted to use the folded creases on the side of the box for something, so I kind of worked backwards on this project, starting with a container, then making a product.


Here the piece is laid out, the sleeves are separate from the wizards they belong to in this stage.


And here are the rest of the views.

p3-4 p3-3 p3-6p3-2    p3-5p3-7

Lauren F. – Project 3

IMAG0716 IMAG0717 IMAG0718 IMAG0719 IMAG0721 IMAG0722

I thought through several design ideas – a chapstick tube, a box for playing cards, or a grocery bag for a boutique – before I decided to take inspiration from Scott Pilgrim v. The World and make a box for Ramona’s made-up tea, liver disaster.  I decided that the unique thing about my product would be that it is an alcoholic tea – hence the name “liver disaster.”

I wanted to keep the design of the container simple, and refer back to the comic and movie from which the idea originated, so I used exes to refer to the evil exes Scott battles.  The exes as eyes also refer vaguely to game culture.

I decided to use teal and orange once again, because I find the combination pleasing, but this time I diluted the orange to make the box look just a little sickly, instead of bright and happy.

Constructing the box was quite frustrating.  I did the coloring before I cut it out, but even so, it was a pain to put together.

Project 3-Tania Winston


3 concept designs


Concept #2


Tania Winston. Quick Cup A’ Joe packaging design. Markers on paper. 9×12

I am actually not happy with my design and color. I had spent a lot of time on Photoshop trying to create a digital copy. What was coming out in Photoshop was not what I had envisioned, and as I am not as proficient with its use as I would like, I had to trash all my attempts. I had very limited time and this is the result.

My concept was basically a coffee cup and kettle that could brew coffee quick and on the go. This made me think of my husband in the field trying to brew coffee, and I thought this idea would go well with people who not only wanted to be eco-friendly but wanted something quick and easy, with no mess.

Project 3 – Hunter

I feel like I say this every single time we do a project, but this one was my favorite so far.

It was so difficult and challenging to make that I almost preferred it to simple pieces.

I knew my target audience had to be college students because I am one, so I automatically wanted to try that. The first three things that came to mind were: coffee, ramen, and tea. The coffee and tea I thought could be sold in coffee stores at the campus. And the ramen could be sold in the cache (which is like a tiny grocery store in the dorms at the campus.) I chose the ramen because the joke is that if you’re going to college you’re going to live on instant ramen. This is my little rough draft of everything:


I wanted to make the packaging digitally. I thought that if the colors were super clean and really saturated, it would pull more people’s attention. I also wanted to create images reminiscent of college. Here’s the final product. I like how it turned out, but I don’t LOVE it. Whenever I would print it out, it would cut off the side with the bowl and the instructions on how to make it for some reason. I printed it four times before I just decided to go with it. I also didn’t notice until right now that I forgot to make the bottom of the packaging. I was going to just put recycling information on it.  IMG_3324 IMG_3325 IMG_3326

The print on the sides with the instructions on how to make the ramen and also the nutritional values were a little small and hard to read so I’ll include the initial “floor-plan” for the box.


I really enjoyed this project because advertising is something that interests me a lot, packaging being a specific aspect of it that I really gravitate for. It was fun making the images of the college students eating the ramen and the books stacked and the bowl of ramen. It was my first time ever doing something like this, and I enjoyed it a whole lot!


Project 3-Devante Owens

These are all the images I took or the project.  Even though it took a really long time, I actually liked this assignment and thought it was fun thinking of design in an applicable scenario.  I’ve always been a fan of more simple designs and do not like flashy ads and packaging.  I decided to made a box for a projector gaming console called “Viro”, short for environment.  I did a few different sketches of what the box would look like so I could choose the most interesting shape.  In the end, I went for the triangular prism because it was the most versatile and mimicked the imagined shape of the product.  I thought this was important because not only does the box stand out on a shelf full of rectangles but it also alludes to the product.  This hinting at the product is also why I drew the projector eye and triangles.  I used cool colors on both the eye and triangles to add some harmony between the two.  I chose to have the triangles radiate out from the word Viro to hint at projection.  One idea I toyed with was putting little scene from video games within some of the triangles to add more interest but I didn’t want to clash with the limited color pallet.

Since this is a gaming console/projector, the price range on it is rather high.  It is also a product that would not be purchased on a whim by someone who knows nothing about video games.  For these reasons, I thought that adding a bunch of text would clutter the design and be extra since the people interested in Viro should already know what it is.  My favorite thing about the design is that it can sit many different ways because  of the minimal design.  Since there is not a large description box on the side, There is not a clear idea of what side is up and what side is down.  It can sit on many different sides and have an interesting profile.ColorsViroBlueprintsViro FrontViro SideViro OpenedBox

Alica – Project 3

For this project I wanted to create a box for Easter eggs. They are very fragile and take a lot of space to be shipped because they are in packages with lots of cushion materials. My box has a fold on each side to support the egg from wabbling on the inside and the box can be put in a shipping box stacked into cubes or rectangular prisms. I did not put any specific product name on it because it’s obvious what it is and for what occasion. I suppose that if it was manufactured by some company, the company’s logo and info should be on the box, together with nutritional information – probably on a side that does not have a bunny on it.

Box-scatch    Open-box

Side-1 Side-2

Gloria Kimmel Project 3

IMG_3984 IMG_3986 IMG_3982 IMG_3988 IMG_3989 IMG_3990 IMG_3991 IMG_3992

Well how to start, this was a hard homework I have so many ideas but not design, working how to title color, letter size were very changeling. I glad I start early i dedicate little time every weekend.

i decide to do it for hard decoration for little girls, you can order online and you will received five of them in a little box. I like this ideas tho.

Kathryn R- Project 3

Reichert_Project3_2 Reichert_Project3_3 Reichert_Project3_4 Reichert_Project3_Concept Reichert_Project3_DesignsReichert_Project3_Layout

Here is a ton of pictures for my third project!   I’m not sure if the planning and design sketch was supposed to be on here so I added it anyway.

Fallout 4 was recently released and is constantly on in the background here, so I found myself being drawn to the whole 1950’s-ish product design so I used that as a springboard for this packaging design.   It contains elements from the 1920’s through 50’s for design.   The whole backstory is that it is post-apocalypse in that time period (thank you Fallout) but instead of nuclear war, I’ve gone with the ever-popular zombie apocalypse.   It’s far enough after the event that people ave established towns again, but occasionally need to leave the safety of the city limits.   That’s where these come in: Brainsavers zombie-repelling chewable gin tablets (gin because everything back then seems to have had some sort of drug or alcohol.   What is more fun than powdered gin?).   Chew one of these for four hours of zombie repelling action.   “Chase Away the Hungries”.   As far as I’m aware of, there’s nothing quite like this on the market!

I chose a simple color scheme because that really seems to be how things were packaged in that era.   Nothing was overly complicated.   I went with yellow because it is eye-catching and energy inducing- something that you probably want when you are in need of this product.   There are hints of red throughout the packaging.   I wanted to keep the colors warm and bright and play a little off of the macabre aspect of it- subtly!