Alica – Project 2

For this project I selected complimentary pairs of green and red and blue and orange. As I like geometric patterns, I wanted to see how they will work together in a random order. For separation of colors I used black lines. The whole project did not turn our how I anticipated – maybe some shades of the selected colors would make the overall image more ‘smooth’.


Project 2 – Hunter

So the style I chose was Fauvism. I was really drawn to it because it was primarily portraits which I absolutely love. I started by sketching a face but when I added the colors I didn’t like how it turned out so I just started over and tried a more organic route. Not to sound too cheesy or anything, but I just let my brush carry me through this piece and I actually like it a lot. It’s really different for me. I like that it captures emotions, personally, from sadness to sensuality, and I think that has to do with the style I chose. Two things that I had troubles with though were 1) I used a different paper than usual so that paint was sometimes difficult to use, but I think I like the grittiness and 2) the color scheme! I had planned to use the tetradic color scheme of red, orange, blue, and green, but when I restarted and set up my paints again, I accidentally used yellow instead of orange and I didn’t realize until halfway through, which at that point I couldn’t do much about it. I had a lot of fun with this and I can’t wait to see everyone else’s!


Kathryn R- Project 2

Reichert_Project2_Color-SchemeI chose to create a piece based off of surrealism, which is my favorite type of art.   The two complimentary pairs I used were purple-yellow and blue-orange.   The purple is the dominant color on the walls, but I used blue on the left hand side to help convey the idea of shadow.   The ladders and the people are also done in various shades of blue.   The windows are obviously orange and yellow (I used yellow ochre as opposed to the cadmium which I had been previously using).   I really enjoyed creating my own scene and found the color scheme challenging but I was happy with the end result.

Elaina Boman Project 2

I chose the abstract expressionism because I found it the most interesting besides the realism which I can’t quite pull off. I painted a landscape of light shining down and hitting the waves. The pairs of complementary colors I chose were purple, yellow, blue and orange. The purple kind of blends with the blue in the photo.

IMG_0524 (2)

Warm/Cold Colors

birdies jelliesUntitled

The first of these images focuses on the use of warm, bright colors.   I began with pink, because it is a color that amuses me, and incorporated orange and yellow, choosing birds as my subject because these colors represent adventure and spontaneity to me.   My jellyfish are the alternative to the bright, cheery birds.   I used cool blues and greens to create a calm scene.   Jellyfish are calm creatures, after all, ambling along until something tasty comes along, and even then being rather passive about eating.   I particularly like jellies in this color scheme.

My neutral project was a little more difficult for me.   I feel like neutral colors are really limited and don’t say much, so I got a little sassy with this one.


To illustrate depth, I added some bright and sassy clownfish to my jellyfish work.   The yellow and pink light pops out in front of the jellyfish as well, as sunshine occasionally does.