Alica – Project 1

For my project I’ve chosen Alex Katz’s portrait of a woman in hat. On a yellow background woman’s face and hat stand out because of the contrast these colors in combination create. I decided to change the background for red, which made woman’s face and hat are much more subtle. When I looked at the original first, it appreared that the hat is black. On Friday I happened to talk to my friend who is an artist and she told me that the hat is dark violet. Based on that new insight I changed my colors. However, when I took a picture the violet color appears to behave like black. I probably needed to add some white to make the color little lighter.


project 1

I chose The Scream. I got all mixed up with the coloring and did something totally different than what I wanted. I don’t know what I was thinking. I must have spaced and before I realized what I was doing it was too late. Oh well. I’ll do a better job on the next one!


Kathryn R- Complementary Colors Project

Reichert_Project1 Reichert_Project1_original

I chose to do Picasso’s painting “Skull and Leeks”.   The original used a lot of yellows and reds, so mine relied a lot on purples and greens.   I thought it was interesting how the whole feel of the painting changed based on the color scheme.   The original felt weirdly festive, while mine seemed more macabre.   It could also be because the colors were just darker in general.   All in all, I’m really pleased with how it turned out.   It’s been about 15 years or so since I picked up a paintbrush and this project took quite a bit of time for me, but I’m happy with the end result.   I wish I could have emulated his brush strokes better, but they just looked sloppy when I did them.

Project 1 – Hunter

So I picked Alex Katz just because I thought his art was so interesting how drastic the lines were but still so simple. I’m not really sure how I feel about the final product. I like it, if it wasn’t compared to the original haha. I think that Alex Katz has such a unique was of creating such simple lines and using suggested line really well which was sort of hard to capture on the canvas I used. But I like it, it makes me think of the 80s for some reason!