Project 1: Michael Bellon

bellon16This is the piece that I used for the complimentary colors project. Bellon is an abstract geometric artist who had interesting designs that I thought I would emulate, and attempted to in my project. I used the compliments, and it looks quite different, though similar. I think I could’ve pushed some of the color values a bit more than I had, maybe with a little more blending and a little more solidity. I had problems mimicking the shade of white that is consistent through his piece and,,, because I can’t quite draw a straight line ;), the proportions are a bit different than his own. The piece I constructed is made out of wood. Seems pretty ok to me, just.. I need to get the geometrics right next time ūüôā


Bridget Jensen: Project 1

This is my painting for project one. I used one of David Hockney’s pieces and I had a lot of fun with it. It’s amazing the different look with simply having complimentary colors inside of the original colors used. I really enjoyed this assignment.


Original piece by David Hockney

Original piece by David Hockney

Lauren F. – Project 1

It’s really difficult for me to keep track of what projects are due when in this class; the blog format is not particularly straightforward. ¬†Soooo, I apologize for not keeping proper track and turning this in SO late.


I decided to recreate Van Gogh’s sunflower painting for my complimentary colors assignment. ¬†And I found it fun. ¬†Van Gogh’s work is so painterly and imprecise that I did not feel particularly pressured to create a realistic image. ¬†I enjoyed taking his work into a different color territory, making it a little cheerier with a blue-orange-red pallet.

Gloria Project 1



The above paint is the original from Henri Matisse


I choose this paint from Henri Matisse, I love doing this piece from Henri Matisse, I change the blue with purple, was good to mix the blue and red to mix a dark violet, I also change the white with a gray, the pink of the original paint i did a light red. I have problem to have the right amount of triangle.


Jackie project 1


Pablo Picasso, Celestina, oil on canvas , 244′ 0″ x 192′ 0″, 1904


Jackie Turley, Acrylic on canvas, 18 x ¬†24”, 2015


I had way to much fun with this project. I have a strong respect for Picasso’s earlier works and his Celestina is one of my favorites. This was from his blue period when he depicted everyone in a faintly depressed light. I choose read and green for my complementary colors on this painting and I have to say I really liked the results. I didn’t run into trouble with this piece. It was a fairly relaxing piece. I particularly like the effect of the reddish brown cloak in contrast with the green hair and red skin. I downplayed the colors a bit, I’m not a fan of bright colors. I did do some slight alterations to the piece. As you can see I have added in glaring eyes into the background and my Celestina has a slightly pointy ear. The one problem I have is the glare you can see at the bottom left corner of the piece. Once again this stemmed from camera troubles. I am satisfied with the final piece. I really liked how the particular color schematic I choose work together. I also felt the I managed to keep the proportions fairly accurate which is something I have difficulty with.



I ALSO did Kandinskys circles. I wanted to do something somewhat simple. I really didn’t want to do a portrait or try and tackle Van Goghs style so here it is.

I chose all bluefish greens because thats what i like. I think my circles are a bit too uniform but oh well. Also i wanted a square layout so i chose 4×4 squares instead of 3×4.

Sorry its late. i just was able to recently get paints and brushes.


Joel S – Project 1


Wassily Kandinsky, ¬†Color Study. Squares with Concentric Circles, ¬†Watercolor, gouache and crayon on paper, ¬†9.4 √É‚ÄĒ 12.4″


Joel Sturm, ¬†Complimentary, Acrylic on Paper, 9 x 14″

My parents had this Kandinsky painting up when I was young, and I always remembered it. I thought it would be a good picture to do complimentary colors with. I started with a photo negative version of it and did some color adjusting to make sure that the colors didn’t look too far off. A lot of the colors were a bit harsh, so I adjusted it accordingly. It was a fun project to paint, and I’m starting to feel a lot more comfortable mixing colors as well as being able to recreate a color I had previously made. It’s cool to see this piece in a familiar but novel way.

Hudson-project 1

IMG_4991 pink-floyd-dark-side-of-the-moon-wallpaper-2I chose the Dark side of the Moon for my image to reverse, sadly it did not turn out as planned because my paper had blue water drip on it and I had to wash the whole sheet in black because I did not have another sheet of water color paper. I still really enjoyed the color relationship discoveries I had this week.

Devante-Project 1

portrait-of-madame-matisse-green-stripe-1905Henri Matisse,  Portrait of  Madame Matisse (Green Stripe), Oil on canvas, 40.5 x 32.5 cm, 1905

MatisseDevante Owens,  Complimentary,  Acrylic on paper, 18 x 24 inch, 2015

I enjoyed this piece but I definitely wish I had spent more time on the underdrawing before I started painting. ¬†The head is a bit wide in comparison. ¬†I wanted to try to imitate the brushstrokes of Matisse but after a bit, I realised how much paint I would use and decided not to. ¬†Art supplies are too expensive. ¬†I also wish that I had done the painting on canvas instead because I like the feel of painting on it more. ¬†I’m satisfied with the end result even though it is not something that I would ever approach in my own work. ¬†I was nice seeing how Matisse used larger brushstrokes to imply form and shape without getting caught up in details. ¬†If I could go back and do it again, I would dumb down the stripe down the center of the face.

Tania Winston-Project 1

Comp Color

Tania Winston, Complementary, Acrylic on paper, 18×24 inches, 2015


Alex Katz, Ulla in Black Hat, Print-Lithograph, 72 x 101cm, 2010

I really had fun trying to replicate this lithograph by Alex Katz. The only issues I had were that I ran out of the paint that I had mixed to make the background color and had to try to match the color with another batch, and I see my brushstrokes in my painting verses the original, which I don’t particularly like. I think next time I might use a different brush, or apply a few more coats. I do like the colors I chose, however, I wish I had done a lighter color on the background because I think it’s too dark. I might also try to use the violet and yellow complementary colors instead of the blue and orange.