Photoshop Lesson 8-Devante Owens

This is the pattern I made for the lesson.  I’ve never made a pattern in photoshop so this was a cool assignment.  I will probably mess around with doing this with hand draw shapes and creating designs from that instead of using the custom shape tool.  I did not really run into any problems with this lesson.Photoshop_Lesson_8

Kathryn- Photoshop 8


So far, I found this to be the easiest Photoshop tutorial yet and had no problems with this exercise.   I even learned about a few features (gradient and pattern overlay) that I had seen available on PS but had never had a reason to try out.   This was simple and straightforward and I could see this being helpful down the road.

Photoshop 8-Winston

Fleur-de-lis Music

I made a fleur-de-lis pattern with two eight notes. I actually didn’t have a problem following the video tutorial for this photoshop assignment. Every step was easy to follow. The only thing I don’t like about the pattern is what happened to the colors after I did the gradient overlay. The eight notes were a nice dark gold color and the yellow was a light gold before I applied the overlay. Overall, I am just excited that I was able to finally do one of these assignments easily, without becoming frustrated.

Photoshop Lesson 7

Komodo Dragon Profile

For this one I used a Komodo Dragon profile. The hardest part about this was not really hard, but rather, tedious due to all the geometric mapping that needed to happen before the picture was complete. I tackled this with patience and plenty of music. I used different shapes, not just a triangle, to keep some of the detail and to make the overall picture a little more interesting, and I thought that was pretty neat. Gives a sense of sharp movement, which I enjoy. I can only imagine what this would do to architecture or a famous painting.

Bridget Jensen: Photoshop Snow Leopard

I decided to create a snow leopard during this weeks assignment. For the most part I am happy with it other than I think it may be a little chunky looking. I had some troubles in the beginning with he different things the video showed for the layers. I had a hard time understanding the person talking to it took me a bit to get the right effects onto the layers. After I figured out all of the necessary actions for the layers it went fairly quick. I had fun I am looking forward to doing more of these it was a fun exercise.