watercolor jackie


This was  fun enough exercise. I think that some of it went downhill, but most of it was pretty good. I’m not sure if my shading turned out the best seeing as how I couldn’t find the correct brush for the wet medium watercolor. I don’t think it caused to many problems, but some of the shading is a tiny bit wonky because of it. Oh well.


Photoshop lesson 8


I am sorry this is so late, My blackboard was giving me on heck of a ride this week. So this was a thing that I made and due to the fact the colors that I originally choose for this looked horrible whenever I tried to work with them I switched them to a black and white pattern and I have to say I prefer the results.


This is a famous print by Mucha that I decided to mess around with for the exercise.  His art  already has a lot of lines in it so I was a bit torn between actually doing the pencil lines like the video said.  I ended up just adding the pencil lines anyway.  I liked the way it turned out and am definitely going to mess around with this technique in the future.PhotoshopLesson9

Photoshop Lesson 9-Tania Winston


Tania Winston.Grandma Lilly Mae. Watercolor Texture Photo

This photo is of my husband’s grandmother, Lilly Mae. I didn’t really have any problems in this photo shop lesson; the tutorial video did a really great job at step-by-step instructions. I did set the Radius at 5 because of the resolution of the photo, and then the Edge  Brightness I set at 14. I did have to do the  brush  strokes for the water texture part a few times until I got the hang of where I wanted the  contrast to hit. It took me a  while and a lot of Control/Alt/Z undos.


Kathryn R- Photoshop 9

Reichert-Photoshop-9This tutorial was pretty easy to follow so I didn’t have too many problems.   Initially, though, the smart blur option was grey-ed out and I couldn’t figure out why.   I think it may be because I chose a RAW file to work with.   The JPEG version of this image ended up working fine so maybe that was the problem?   Otherwise, I had no problems with this project.   I liked getting to “customize” the watercolor effect using my own brush strokes; I thought that was pretty cool.

Bridget Jensen: Watercolor from Photo

I had some trouble with pencil lines in the aspect of trying to get ride of some of them. To me it didn’t really seem to work. I also had to try the texture part of the activity over a couple of times before finally getting it correct. I used one of my own photos for this activity and I am pretty pleased with the results.  

WatercolorFox copy