Color Harmony-Devante Owens

I was a bit confused by the instructions of this exercise so I just did the best I could.  I tried to focus on using warm analogous colors for skin but cool colors for the eye.  I hope this fits the requirements.  I enjoyed messing around with the color but I found that my paper really did not like the additional layers of paint.  It started to warp quite a bit and caused me some trouble when I tried making smooth strokes.  Eye

Harmony Color – Hunter

For my piece I wanted to try and make a sort of spectrum. I chose three sets of color analogues (the girl on the left – yellow-orange, orange, red orange – the middle girl – red, red-purple, purple – the right girl – indigo, blue, light blue.) I’m happy with how it turned out, I think it would’ve been more vibrant in oils probably (I used watercolors), but I like how each girl sort of fits her colors with her personalities which I didn’t actually think of when I was drawing it out, it just sort of happened.

color harmony

Gloria Harmony of Color



Cool Analogous

I like this assignment the painting above is cool analogous I have issue to mix the colors to look no cartoonist. I have blue, green and violet I have mix the blue with white to get lighter color, same with the violet color I mixed it with a little black and some white to get darker or lighter color I did the same with the green. It is a drop with a tree inside.


Warm Analogous

The warm colors is an open surprise box I use red, yellow and orange, I mix colors to get brown and different type of colors.


I love this one analogous color I was able to mix warm and cool colors there are two leave change from summer to fall with ladybug, with light blue and violet on the back.
This is my crazy collection.

Kathryn R- Color Harmony

Reichert_ex5_Color-Harmony I’m not 100% sure I understood the instructions for this assignment.   I did three separate pictures.   The top uses warm analogous colors (red-orange, orange, orange-yellow and yellow).   The middle uses a combination of warm and cool analogous colors (orange-red, red, red-violet, violet, violet-blue).   The bottom uses cool colors (green, green-blue and blue).   I thought it was interesting how though the second uses warm and cool colors, the pink sand and the orange-red in the sun, rocks and little bit in the boat, took on a cool feeling, too.   Overall, I think my favorite was the baby beluga in the tank at the bottom.