Bridget Jensen: Harmony

I liked my painting however, I feel that I struggled some with the blending of the colors. I wanted them to blend more into each other a more subtle but flowing. I think next time I might try doing the dark or inside colors first them try and blend them better. I noticed acrylic paint is hard to blend with because it is so dry and thick.  


Lauren F – Color Harmony


I used green, yellow-green, yellow, and yellow-orange to create this image of a funky dinosaur with an argyle background.  I did not have any particular issues with this assignment, except that the instructions were a little difficult to understand.  I wanted to use a color pallet that included warm and cold colors, but I wanted the overall appearance to be a little warmer than a blue-purple-red scheme would have been.

jackie harmony color


The normal camera I use had a sudden fit today causing me to have to use my phone camera. It’s a shame because I actually had a fairly fun time with this project. This was one of the easiest ones simply because creating the colors to make it was fun and stress free. I will try to fix my camera for future uploads though because the picture quality is a travesty.

Reds and Purples


For this piece I used only three colors: purple, magenta, and a light red. No black or white was used in this,and it took me awhile to complete. I thought about the work as a nesting Phoenix, just about ready to burst into flames. It’s not as detailed as I would’ve liked, and the colors kept blending so I had to keep in mind the vibrancy of the colors as they appeared. Some of the colors I wanted to blend as well at certain areas, and others I wanted a clear definition of the line, so I played with the opacity of the paints by diluting as needed.

It was interesting as what I started out with was a blob that I knew nothing of how it would come out. I started with just a round thing, as I normally don’t even used purples or reds, I tend towards blues or greens, but I could come up with nothing for those.

The feathers took awhile to do, but with some layering it came together fairly nicely. I think the issues that bothered me the most were blending and layering, and repainting to get what I needed as I progressed towards the lighter colors.

Harmony of Color-Winston

Color Harmony

Tania Winston, Night landscape, Acrylic on paper, 9 x 12 inches

The analogous colors I used were blues, violets, and greens. The cool colors were the mixes of blues in the sky and the dark violets and cobalt black/blue I used for the tree. The lighter violets and greens were the warm colors I used. The moon colors weren’t exactly how I envisioned it, but I like the dramatic feel of the purple lines coming from it. I thought about adding some dark purple flowers to the grass, but I felt I might be putting too much into it and that it was better to leave it alone, before I ruined the effect I had already created.

Hudson-Harmony in Color

Harmonycolor-hudsonPhotoshop-hudson-5For my first piece I chose to combine several shades of purples, blues, and reds. They look far more washed out in the picture, which I think I actually prefer. I continued with the triangle theme in my work for the background behind the rose. The second piece is of shapes layered together using the hexagon tool, I don’t think using the tool was very difficult, however when I did try blending several shapes together I did not like how it looked. Therefore I went for a cleaner and more abstract modern piece.

Color Harmony – Patty


I love sunflowers, so couldn’t resist using them for the color harmony project.  I hope we were supposed to combine the cool (blue sky) and warm palettes.  I had a lot of fun doing this project.  All in all felt way more relaxed with the workload this week.

Joel S – Harmony of Color

I feel like this assignment really got me more comfortable with blending my colors. I think that I could have used a less red orange, but other than that I’m prtetty happy with how the colors came out. I’m also starting to get more of a feel for using acrylic over pencil, and how many layers I can expect to need to cover it up.