Gloria Kimmel final project proposal

Final Project Proposa

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Name: Gloria Kimmel
Final: Project Proposal
Size: 18X24 inches
Medium: Acrylic
Since we have an open project for the final, I want to give a name to my future homework which is Light because I like the organic concept to draw, I want to work with flowers and leave and background, I do not know if I want to use the color of each element or change it to make it different. I love the idea of color relationships because is so nice to see how the pointillism became a define drawing or to do regular paint ways. I will hand draw the sketch; the size will be 18 X 24 inches on water paper.
I went to an art show, I was observing the type of paints they use and I saw a different of water color, oil color and acrylic color. My personal opinion is look the oil color is hard to work with it, every paints was oil look blurred, acrylic color is look nice a lot define detail and the water color also was nice look looked fresh and so clear. I want water color to experiment with the acrylic, to bring the bright color out and have the water color as background to have a three dimension to the picture.
If everything goes the way I am thinking, the plants will hand down from left to right, I want to use purple flowers some of them are close and one open, the color of the leaf will be green the shape of the leaf is very lobed, I want to use borders to make the flower pot out, I am thinking to have the natural color of leave and or flower.
The feeling I want to put in the homework is natural I love how the beautiful color flowers and shape in every single form and how the nature choose color to make them. I will use acrylic paints to create the perfect combination to get the color of the design.
During the process of the Light, I want to have a good balance with size of the plant according with the leaf and the background, I really want to use foreground to give an illusion of closest when you see the picture. I hope I can pull out the value of every single element according with the light will be coming from.
After the sketch is finish I will paint the flowers with violet color and get the value of each one of them and every leaf. I will combine the paints to get the perfect color, also I will have a border which will include as part of the plants but is the borders.
This is my proposal of my Light creation, I will do my best to follow what I wrote with all the details and color guide I have on this papers, I want to see how the mix of water and acrylic color will became together if will work or not. I will send more information half way done. I very excite with this assignment.

Charlotte-Final Project Proposal

Im really not sure what to do. i want to focus on portraits


but i also want to do composites in Photoshop and then paint over them in Photosho like the one i have below. They would be in this same type of theme. Maybe black and white or sepia. Not exactly sure yet.


Something like this maybe, but painted over:



Here are the portraits i was thinking of painting over if that’s the direction i want to go.



I think im leaning more towrads compositing images and then painting over them. Maybe ill do 3.

Final Project Proposal – Hunter

For my final project I want to continue this style of drawing I’ve been working on for a little bit. I’ve only done it once, with this Lorde portrait:  Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 10.47.46 AM

but I’m thinking with the harsh coloring, I can use some of the color skills we’ve learned. I’ve always been super interesting by the second section of work that we did because color composition and color relationships have always interested me. I’ve also always been–on a side-note–interested by patterns which I want to try and add into this.


So this is the image that I’m going to base my project off of. I’ve been really into Adele lately, with the release of her new album. She’s very inspiring and her music really is going to drive this piece. I think this picture is really stunning and I think her expression really looks cool and collected to me which is driving me towards the color blue. I think I want to make her and her presence a monochromatic blue. Or maybe a purple, or a mixture of blue and purple (which would not make it monochromatic but keep it in the cool tones.) I want to make her outsides a screaming color of warm colors, making her compete against her surroundings. It is sort of like a piece I did earlier for this course that I really liked. For the background I’m thinking of making a pattern, or maybe just a cacophony of different objects, in a color discord style. I’m going to use the really bright oranges and fuchsias.

This is my really quick (crappy) doodle for the plan:


This sketch is really broad and not super specific, but that’s sort of how I usually work on pieces. I don’t like to draw everything up right away just because A) I don’t want to be disappointed when it doesn’t turn out the way I was thinking, and B) I won’t feel bad for changing my original plan ha ha. I’m going to do this digitally on my tablet, but try and incorporate some of the Photoshop skills we’ve learned. I’m really excited to start working on this and to finish it and see what everyone else is doing!

Kathryn- Final Project Proposal

For my final project, I would like to explore optical mixing further.   When I first tried Van Gogh markings, I found it extremely frustrating and difficult.   However, after approaching it several ways over the course of several evenings, I feel like I hit my stride and was starting to enjoy it.   The picture that I used for that exercise could have been taken further, though, and I feel like given the chance, it could be much improved.

The picture I would like to use this time around is a photo that I took in the fall at Creamer’s Field of some swans and ducks in Wander Lake.   I brought it into Photoshop and was edited it to give it a painterly feel.   As it is, the colors feel analogous (mainly yellow, yellow-orange and orange) and have a very warm tone.   When I look at this image, it looks like a Thomas Kinkade-style painting to me.   I looked up more information about his style and found that it is referred to as luminism: landscapes done with an emphasis on light.   They often look ethereal and try to hide brushstrokes while preserving detail in the image (   Van Gogh’s style feels the opposite to me: there really is no emphasis on detail, it is more about the brushstrokes and the way they are used to imply detail.   Due to the distinct difference between Van Gogh’s style and the style of this picture, I think it would be the perfect subject to try.   My final project would take this photo and present it in an entirely new light.

I would approach the color scheme a little differently.   I would preserve the oranges, but I think that I would emphasize the green more.   This would be for a few reasons.   If I didn’t, the layers of the landscape would probably get lost and it would end up look jumbled and chaotic.   The green would add depth and borders to some areas that could definitely benefit from it.   Also, I would give the sky a violet feel and reflect that in the water, as well.   Using orange, violet and green as my main palette would be using a triadic color scheme which offers a lot of contrast and interest while remaining balanced and generally pleasing to look at.

All in all, I’m looking forward to starting on this project.   I think it will be challenging to transition this piece from what it is now to one that uses Van Gogh markings, but I really like the idea of getting to explore that style further.Color-Final reichert_final-sketch

Project Proposal- Boman

The main area I would like to focus on for my final project is pointillism. This class was the very first time I had tried a pointillism study and because I wasn’t familiar with it  I had a tough time with the process and it was all kind of difficult to get the assignment to look how I wanted it. The original was done with paints on paper but this time I’d like to try digital. I’ve never been too familiar with photoshop and how it works. I’ve gotten better with it ever since this class but I’d like to experiment with it a little more to better familiarize and challenge myself. I’m thinking with digital it may be easier to get the colors to blend or it might be a lot harder. Either way it’ll be a challenge for me.

For now the idea is to base this project off of a photo of flowers with analogous colors of both warm and cool temperatures for color harmony. I’d like the flowers to be warm while the background has either blue or green tones. I’m sticking with the realistic colors of the flowers I choose, other than slightly changing the tones, it’ll be the same. I’ll study photos of flowers on the internet to get a better idea of what flowers I’ll want to use and how the shadows will be placed. There’s also the decision on whether I want the point of view to be facing up towards the flowers or down at the ground, maybe even just in a vase. For now, I’m sticking with cherry blossoms and will be experimenting with a few ideas.


Here is my sketch of some cherry blossoms. Years of practicing  black and white value scales has paid off. When I recreate this in Photoshop it’ll have a variety of warm and cool analogous colors ,along with a background which will be  filling in some of the negative space around the flowers. I’ll end up having multiple pointillism pieces, they might not all be flowers, and I’ll select the one I find most satisfactory.