Lauren F. – Lesson 8 Paintings

IMAG0725_1 IMAG0729_1

The fish painting is supposed to act as my color discord project.  I found this particularly challenging, because you have to be quite specific in choosing colors.  It does, however, make for a really striking image.

My expressive color painting is of a mug I made in a ceramics class that I am quite proud of.  I was drinking tea as I was working on this assignment, and really enjoying it.  I find that teal, particularly with orange, is a pleasant and happy color.  I made my brown cup into a teal one, and added the orange into what is actually a texture difference to make it more striking.

Color Uses – Bezold Effect – Patty

IMG_5355      IMG_5365

Sorry, I am a week behind.  This week’s work should be posted by tomorrow.  As for the Bezold Effect, I was pretty wowed by the difference a dominant color could make,  The colors look very washed out with the lighter background/dominant color and so much more vibrant and exciting on the darker purple background.  Something I will always think about now.  Good exercise!

Jackie Color uses


I did not have the best time trying to deal with these. This was originally going to be a far more complicated pattern but due to “things” that went wrong problems grew. This project is my best example of why it is a bad idea to try to save time by painting backgrounds first if your original color for your top is something as weak as silver. There was also a moment when I could not for the life of me find the blue one until I remembered that I painted it on the back of another painting to save space. This project was not kind to me.


This character is from a game that is quite popular right  now called Undertale. Now this game is based around ethics and choice and this character will only attack you if you cause a lot of pain and suffering for the other characters within the game. One specific thing you will end up doing is killing his brother. The colors are very thematic to this event. Blue is traditionally used to represent innocence, this character is one of the nicest in the game. Red represents aggression anger and energy.  The is character is the hardest boss in the inter game and if you anger him you will end up fighting him for hours and hours because of how powerful and fast he is. I also tried to use a significant amount of grey on this character because grey is he color of loss.


I had quite a bit of fun with this piece. I am not a big fan of colors but in this case it did kind of work. I originally started out with the idea of some demonic mask and then added he colors to make it “Cheerful” and “Friendly”. I is not as complete as I’d like but once again due to complications during the week failure was present in my actions. I hope the next batch of paintings runs a bit smoother.

Various Paintings

I’ve redone these a few times, except for the color discord, which I meant to be a little more playful than otherwise. Some of them you may see where I painted over the old attempts!

For the first one, patterns, I used acrylic on a thick canvas-type illustration board. It held the paint so well, I think I’ll use it again. That was one of the difficulties that I came across in painting the things I did on paper, it liked to wrinkle unless I taped it down very well, which lead to ripping of the paper at times.

The patterns were not too repetitive, but geometric. I ran into the evenness of repetition problem with the older attempts, and drew on the painted backdrop to gain complete evenness. Graphite is a little tough to get off paint, without stripping it off or grinding it off with an abrasive pencil, so some of it continued to show through, but I got most of it off. I liked how it came about, and the only problems I ran across were the paint peeling off the paper with the tape.

IMG_20151103_123642523 IMG_20151103_123620498

This was the color in discord piece, it’s very hard on the eye for me… Originally I had a purple background with all manner of light colors but that was incredibly busy and bothered my eyes and my mind so much I painted over with black, and went from there. Not all the shapes were greatly done either on the purple background, I kept losing a lot of the bright colors in the darkness of it. Even with the reds and yellows here, I needed to go over the same strokes again and again to get it to the vibrancy you see here.IMG_20151103_123551713

For this piece, it was done in two using bright and warm colors to express movement and evolution, from a cool and controlled flame to a more discordious flame. Heh, you can see some of the previous attempts I mentioned earlier more than the other pieces. In some ways it adds more to the piece, so it’s an accidental but fitting mistake. Some of the reds didn’t come through as heavy as I would have wanted, they needed some layering to get where they were as well, of course I had a like background as well. Seems alright methinks.

Kathryn R- Color Uses

Reichert_Color-Uses_Bezold1  Reichert_Color-Uses_Bezold2   For the bezold pieces, I changed the background from green to red.   I thought it was interesting to see the interaction of the cool versus warm colors play out.   The orange circles really pop against the green background and move to the front of the picture.   They obviously blend more with the red and appear further away.

Reichert_Color-Uses_DiscordI used what I think are mild discord colors- pink, yellow ochre and pale ultramarine.   The color isn’t as off-putting as I usually find discordant combos and I thought were fun for this geometric rose design.

Reichert_Color-Uses_ExpressionExpression color was the most interesting and enjoyable to me.   I used only blues to color in this house looking out into the yard.   I chose blue to convey night only the idea that it was nighttime, but to give the idea of quiet and stillness.

Gloria Color uses


Expresive colors

I do not know why but I love this pain, they are my kids faces with a purple hat, half of the face is yellow the other half is orange and yellow mix, the eyes brown, hair and eyes are blue, the mouth is dark yellow. I did not know how to start, so mix colors one point.


color discored

the sheep is purple and green, the pig is red and orange and the bird is baby blue. I like this one too, just mixing color creating wear look for animals.


this colors is too much, on the left i have warn colors, the right side is the cool colors but for some reason it came out very bright, also is from dark to light.

on the left side i use orange, red, yellow and dark blue, on the right are orange to keep the same color pink, green, and baby blue. was hard to keep the same direction.

Color Uses-Tania Winston

Bezold Effect

Tania Winston. Bezold Effect 1. Construction Paper. 9×12

For the Bezold Effects, I used the same shapes and colors, but only changed the dominant color of pink, in the first one, to yellow in the second one. The red circle and triangle stands out more in the second one, while the orange square and the green rectangle and circle stand out more in the first one.

Bezold Effect2

Tania Winston. Bezold Effect 2. Construction Paper. 9×12

birds in sunset

Tania Winston. Birds in Sunset . Discord Colors. Acrylic on Paper. 9×12. Purple and yellow

I used a yellow to do the background of a sunny sky, while I used different purple hues for the birds. I was trying to get a different purple to mix, a more bright and vibrant one, but couldn’t quite seem to get the right mix down.


Tania Winston. Rose . Expressionism. Acrylic on Paper. 9×12.

I am not quite sure if I did the expressionist aspect of this assignment right. I tried to get the red color of the rose to be the one that stands out the most, as rose petals are the most important part of the flower. I first painted the background grey, but I don’t know what was wrong with   my white and black colors. The grey that I got was sticky as I put it on the canvas, almost as if it was drying out, but I had just squeezed it out onto the palette and mixed it. The background effect was not what I wanted.

Joel S – Color Uses

1-1) Bezold Effect


1-2) Expressive Color


1-3) Color Discord


Expressive color was probably my favorite painting for this exercise. I don’t think my bezold effect worked very well since i didn’t really have a pattern, just something radially symmetrical. Color discord was pretty fun, It was cool to use with hard lined geometry.