Lauren F. – Lesson 7 Paintings

IMAG0724_1 IMAG0728_1

I find pointillism to be extremely frustrating because it is so time consuming.  However, I was pleased with my finished product.  The thing I found most difficult about this project was that the image I selected originally is made up of complimentary colors, which made placing complementary points next to each other within color fields more challenging.  With more time, I could have been more discerning with color placement.

I enjoy trying to use Van Gogh-esque expression in brush strokes, but find it difficult.  He had such mastery of stroke, and I find myself searching for new ways to make marks when I try to mimic him.  I was less pleased with my second painting than the first.

Kathryn R- Color Relationships 2

PointillismI posted for this one before but I only put up the picture with the Van Gogh markings.   Here is my attempt at pointillism using the famous picture from Nat Geo of the Namibian sand dunes as a reference.   I can honestly say I’m not a huge fan of pointillism.   I originally chose a different picture and worked on it for ages but just couldn’t get it to look right at all.   I’m much happier with the outcome of this one but found it incredibly time consuming.   I prefer brush strokes over dots and mixing the paint on my palette lol

Kathryn R- Color Relationships

Reichert_Color-Relationships1I am having the absolute worst time in the world with the pointillism picture, so I am working on it a little longer.   In the meantime, here is my painting using Van Gogh markings.   This one was difficult, too, and it took me a few false starts to get the hang of how to approach it.   The picture is based off of a photo I took when I was hiking at Savage Creek in Denali.   This is on one of the first summits, looking down to the road where it crosses the water and disappears further into the park.   I’m particularly happy with how the grassy areas came out.   I used the same method with the reds and purples on the hill but didn’t have the same results.   The paint felt like it was thinner or just wouldn’t apply the same- it was kind of weird.  

Pointillism will follow shortly!

Color Relationships-Charlotte

Ebony1Mike Wazowski Cup


Pointilismt faaaaiiilll! haha i did this in Photoshop and it was really hard….


Ok updated the post with my attempt at Van Gogh that took me all week and i was too frustrated to finish…. because it took me all week………   Van Gogh can keep it… Its a reallllly hard style to try and emulate.


I did both in Photoshop. I know it says to use paints but im probably never going to paint again in my life.   My minor field is going to be in computer art so why not do it on the computer…   Hopefully thats acceptable

Joel S – Color Relationship

points Face

I had a hard time making all of the points consistent in shape and uniformity. The picture works better for me as a thunbnail, lol.
I tried to do a self-portrait like Van-Gogh’s, specifically the line structure for shading. I don’t think that it looks much like his style, but it was cool working with patterned lines like that. I think I could have used more hues between.

Alica – Color Relationship

For the pointilism picture I wanted to do a simple ball. Then I found the picture with the beautiful red and orange ball on the blue and green background and I wanted to create something similar. It looks okay but all the spots that were not covered with acrylic came forward. After using the light to take a picture, the green color that is very dark on the paper, turned to a washed out green. Maybe a different light would help.


Gloria Color Relationship











Van Gogh syle


Van Gogh style is very different , I did a turtle was very hard to go by the paint brush no even. to me look a little hard and no even maybe is y bmy first time to do it but was awkward to look the end.



I tough is going to be easy so I did this picture, half way done I was tire but i was already decide to finish it. this home work was very changeling to do it to much time, very precise to look the way it need it. I was worry to not get it look good, I am very happy with at the end

Color Relationships-Devante Owens

I’ve always admired Van Gogh but I rarely try to replicate his painting style.  I’m personally more comfortable with more realistic depictions but I love the movement and atmosphere that his pieces create.  One issue I had with this painting was being patient and letting the paint dry.  I accidently picked up the paper when the red wasn’t completely dry so it ran a bit.  I tried to cover it up but the paint was not opaque enough.IMG_1626 This painting was fun to do but not very easy to get the desired colors.  I tried to only use primary color and let them mix with the dots.  In the end, I like the way it came out.  Unfortunately, my scanner broke and my camera was dead so I couldn’t get very good copies of these two pieces online.  Hopefully I can get some batteries soon or fix my scanner so the next set will look better.  IMG_1627

Color Relationships-Winston


Tania Winston. Frog Pointillism. Acrylic on paper. 9×12








My pointillism took longer to do than the brush style painting. I love the different greens in the background and the way the grog stands out against them. Though I probably should have put some more detail in the background.


Tania Winston. Owl. Van Gogh Marking Study. Acrylic on paper. 9×12

The <em> Owl </em> looks great, though I wish the brush strokes would have come out better once I digitized and cropped the photo. I used mainly  white and grays, with brown and dark browns for the owl.