Color Contrast – Patty

IMG_5376            IMG_5375

This was a fun project.  I’m not sure if I ended up with the desired effect, but it was cool seeing the difference in doing the same design in light and dark colors.  I definitely like the lighter one better.  The paints flowed easier for me than in the dark one.  I’m finding it a bit easier to control the acrylics now, and don’t hate them as much as I used to!  I’m still having big problems with Photoshop.  It won’t let me on today and seems like it is trying to get me to rebuy the program!  I will try again later.

Joel S – Color Contrast


I think I could have more contrast between the two examples. I varied on how I got each hue between colors, sometimes the related colors would have black or white added, and sometimes it would just be different ratios of colors. then I just shaded a bit more and did some outlines with black. If I added a background, that would also provide a bit more contrast between the two.

jackie color contrast

BookScanCenter_1 BookScanCenter_2

I really hate having to make an exact copy of anything, especially  my own work. I also hate how scanners make things way darker than they actually are. I did not do my best work on these two pieces/ The lighter one is suffering from some discoloration on one side because of an experiment that I tried and failed to do. I also did not get the color contrast the way I wanted it on the darker one. All and all I am not happy with these pieces.

Color Contrast-Tania Winston


Tania Winston. Umbrella 2 . Dark value dominance. Acrylics on Paper. 9×12


Tania Winston. Umbrella. Light Value Dominance. Acrylics on Paper. 9×12

I actually prefer the light value over the dark, even though the darker colors were easier to apply to the paper than the lighter colors were. I had to use more strokes in the background of <em> Umbrella </em> in order to create the rainy scene, as opposed to the fewer strokes in the darker depiction. I also felt as the the darker colors of the puddle were muddled and blended in with the rainy background, creating an even lesser effect of contrast.

Alica – Color Contrast

For this assignment I did a picture of a tulip that I found online. The dark version is close to the original picture. The light value version differs from the dark one mainly in the color of background. In the dark verstion I used raw umber mixed with black, while in the light version I mixed it with white. The contrast between the background and the flower is high in the dark picture, yet much less significant in the light picture.

Dark-tulip      Light-tulip

Color Contrast-Devante Owens

I didn’t realize this was supposed to be paint on paper until after I had made these.  I’ll probably just redo it this weekend if I have time but I wanted to post what I did so it wasn’t a complete waste of time.  I used the texturize tool in photoshop to add some interest to the pieces since they are just flat colors.  The original colors were completely different.  I ended up messing around with the brightness and contrast to get the two different pieces.  The cool thing I like about these is that they kinda just look like someone took really bad pictures of an abstract painting.  The light one looks like the person used flash and the dark one looks like they took a picture with the lights off.ColorContrastLight ColorContrastDark