Lauren F. – Lesson 10

IMAG0723_1 IMAG0727_1

I guess I’ve been feeling fishy lately.  I used the fish to demonstrate the rule of thirds, using the acrylics more like watercolors to create an underwater vibe.  I tried to bring the two fish in the left third forward by using warmer colors against the cool dark background.

For the rule of odds, I painted some strawberries!  I tried to add in some more dimension to the fruit, expressing more tonal range in the pink/reds.

Color and Composition-Devante Owens

In a lot of the work that I do, I tend to use the Rule of Space without even realizing it.  One criticism I get often is that I need to crop down drawing because there is too much empty space.  For this exercise, I tried to use the Rule of Space in each to practice creating a composition that used space without making the piece feel empty.  I chose to create a diagonal composition for the first piece to emphasize the distance between background and foreground.  I used the watercolor filter again but did not like the brush stroke so just kept the filter.  It is supposed to demonstrate the Rule of Third.  I also added a cool photo filter over the entire image to give it a blue tint.  I think this helped make the blue tape fit in better but still stand out because of its placement and color.RuleofThirdsAndRuleOfDistanceIn this image, I used the rule of space and tried to make it look like the blue roll was rolling away from the other tape.  I used the magic wand and color range to isolate the blue and red in the picture so that everything else would be black and white.  This was supposed to be the Rule of Odds in addition to the Rule of Space.  There are only three colored items in the piece but in total there are 10 so I’m not sure if it still counts.  I tried to have a horizontal composition for this piece but gave it a slight slant to go with the idea of rolling.

Color and Composition-Tania Winston


Tania Winston. Sails and Dolphins. Rule of Odds. Digital. 9×12

For my rule of odds picture, I have the a total of nine objects (4 birds, one sun, one cloud, one ship, and two dolphins). I also placed them in a way as to draw the eye in three locations. I used the grain filter to add some texture.

RedPoppies.Rule of Thirds

Tania Winston. Red Poppies . Rule of Thirds. Digital. 9×12

For my rule of thirds, I tried to make sure I put the largest group of poppies and the graveyard cross in the areas of the picture that would be sectioned in thirds. I also used the rough pastels filter to make the picture look like I had painted it.

Color and Composition – Hunter

I really liked doing these paintings. When I looked up Rule of Thirds and Rule of Odds on Google for more research and these amazing landscape photographs. I’ve never really be into landscape paintings, but for some reason doing these were so relaxing because I could use any colors without it being abstract because there are so many different colors and layers to nature.

This Rule of Thirds picture really caught my attention because it reminds me of my grandma’s house in Maine. She lives on the beach and there is a light house near her home. So I gravitated towards this picture a lot.


The Rule of Odds picture really was amazing. It was a silhouette of three wind turbines against this moody blue-green-purple sky. I really liked mixing the colors of the sky for this one.


Alica – Color and Composition

Rule of Third – For this painting I tried Bob Ross’ technique to paint the tree and the entire scene. My husband likes watching his shows (they are recorded, as Bob died in 1995) and sometimes I sit with him and watch. Bob mixes the colors first, then he dips his brush in it and instead of using strokes to cover the canvas, he touches canvas with the top of bristles and leaves marks of color on canvas. I haven’t had a large round brush and used the flat brush, but the large tree looks pretty realistic.


Rule of Odds – I took an idea from a picture that I came across online. I’ve modified the colors of trees and struggled to figure out the color for the background. It was challenging to keep the background color consistent as one can never mix colors the same way.


Jackie color and composition

comfertlines comfert

This was done in photoshop and features two characters from a game called Undertale. Following the rule of thirds turned out to be pretty easy for the most part. I think I may have broken it slightly, but all and all everything behaved itself fairly well. Because of the lighting and other assorted fun things It was  one of the more fun pieces  I have created this semester. My only complaint is I did this with a mouse. I really wish I had a tablet, I feel my life would be less difficult. Oh well..floweys revenge

This is my rule of odds piece and I used the traveling technique for it. It was pretty fun to make. It was much quicker than my other piece but I still think it turned out okay.

Kathryn R- Color and Composition

Reichert_RuleofThirdsRule of Thirds

Reichert_RuleofOddsRule of Odds

I left the grid on the Rule of Thirds photo so it’s easier to see how it fits in.   The fish falls 1/3 of the way into the photo and the boat and kid are centered 2/3 of the way in.   Horizontally, the water, brush and sky are divided in thirds.

In the Rule of Odds photo, the soldier in the middle has two guys around him, adding balance to the photo, offsetting the big chinook in the background in the other half of the photo.

Both of these are photographs (the Rule of Thirds is a composite) I took for another class but fit the guidelines of the rules well.