Color Concept-Devante O

I liked the exercise where we had to use our name to create art with subtractive colors.  As I messed around with painting my name, I thought about trying to even out the brush strokes but I like the way they show up.  I think it adds a bit more interest since it looks rather abstract.  I also flipped and stacked letters in my name to make it more difficult determining which letters are present.  Color Concept For the color wheel I wasn’t entirely sure if out wheel had to look exactly like the example so I just went with something simple and similar.  One problem I had with this was getting a good purple.  It always seemed a bit muddy and not the way I wanted it to be when I mixed it.  I used a sponge instead of a paintbrush for the smaller cirIcle to try and get a different texture and rougher edges.Color Concept_0003Instead of taking a photograph of these two piece, I decide to use this little scanner I have at home since the paper was small enough.  I think the scanner allowed me to portray the color more accurately and quickly than a photo would have.  It also allowed me to get a better quality image and see the paint strokes in the pieces.

Kathryn- Basic Color Concept

Reichert_ex2_Basic-Color-Concept-1-1Reichert_ex2_Basic-Color-Concept-1-2 I liked doing the color wheel for this assignment.   The only issues I had were initially figuring out which blue to use for any mixing I was doing.   To me, pthalo, cobalt and ultramarine just looked like different shades of blue and I wasn’t sure which to base the just straight blue off of.   I looked it up online and read that ultramarine was on the violet end of blue and pthalo was on the green end of the blue spectrum.   I ended up just using cobalt as “blue” and mixing it with pthalo and yellow for green and mixing ultramarine and rose in for violet.   I didn’t care much for the subtractive mixing assignment using our names simply because I don’t really care for the color combination.   Overall, though, it was fun to be painting again!

Gloria Color and Design


I have fun trying to create a way to paint the color wheel, I have problem to create green and violet color, I could not get the colors with the example was give us. I thought this exercise will be easy, is very precise and making sure does not run to other line, still could not get it perfect, wait art is not perfect.


While I was waiting an answer from my supervisor I draw a tic tac toe line and fit my name in the squares, fill out the other squares with yellow and blue to have an even letter to the lines. I like the red color on the back to pock the letter out. Is hard to work with three color.



I love straight line with names in this one I have blue on the back, same concept with the last paint to create a two dimension illusion, combining my name to go nice a first and go different directions after the first letter.


On this one I went a little out to be straight lines, I intentional make it look I have many errors lines over lines and no able to understand the letters, my name is includes in the way is mix with the filling color go to through the letter.


My last paint is inspire from my beginning drawing, which I am currently taking, we are learning how to project two dimension and lines to know where to place the lines and I love it how this one came out.


Basic Color Concept – Hunter

So this exercise was actually really fun! The only problem I had was downloading Photoshop, and also figuring out Photoshop, but the videos really helped! I can’t wait to see all the variations of this project. I decided just to be simple with it and got this result:

color wheel complex

but I also really liked this stage of the process because it showed a clear cut to the colors and you could sort of see it all piecing together at this point.

color wheel simple