Color Contrast – Patty

IMG_5376            IMG_5375

This was a fun project.  I’m not sure if I ended up with the desired effect, but it was cool seeing the difference in doing the same design in light and dark colors.  I definitely like the lighter one better.  The paints flowed easier for me than in the dark one.  I’m finding it a bit easier to control the acrylics now, and don’t hate them as much as I used to!  I’m still having big problems with Photoshop.  It won’t let me on today and seems like it is trying to get me to rebuy the program!  I will try again later.

Color Uses – Expressive Color – Patty


Well, I played with this one a little too much and the colors didn’t come out very well for me.  I was going for bright red for the orange peel (“Blood Oranges,” but in the picture the peel looks orange, just like a regular orange.  If I did it again I would do the peels in blue or something really different than their normal color.

Color Uses – Bezold Effect – Patty

IMG_5355      IMG_5365

Sorry, I am a week behind.  This week’s work should be posted by tomorrow.  As for the Bezold Effect, I was pretty wowed by the difference a dominant color could make,  The colors look very washed out with the lighter background/dominant color and so much more vibrant and exciting on the darker purple background.  Something I will always think about now.  Good exercise!

Color Relationships – Patty

IMG_0815                  IMG_0817

I really enjoyed this project, though they both were harder than I thought they’d be.  Making all of those dots was kind of tedious and mind-numbing, but I like the way it turned out.  The Van Gogh style was easier, but harder to make a good finished project on so small of a piece of paper.  Maybe my brushes were too large . . .

I have no PS project.  I worked on it for several hours and would get pretty far before I’d hit a snag.  I may need a tutor for this part of the class.  I’m going out of town for a family emergency tomorrow so will have to work on it when I return next week.

Project 2 – Patty


I am absolutely drawn to Abstract Expressionism, and tried to incorporate some of the aspects of the movement into this piece I titled “Stairway to Heaven,” inspired by a recent near death experience!  It didn’t turn out as I had hoped, but I used the complementary pairs yellow orange/blue violet and blue green/red orange and gave it my all.

Color Schemes – Patty

IMG_5315 IMG_5318IMG_5319 IMG_5320

For my portrait exercise I obviously used blue and orange.  I tried this one a couple of times.  It seemed the more I tried to paint the worse it turned out, so it looks like I stopped painting too soon, but it definitely looks better than the one I spent a lot of time on.  The monochromatic color scheme is a little rough, but I just started dark and kept adding white to the blue.  For my split complementary exercise I used blue violet, blue green and yellow orange.  By the time I got to the Triadic exercise I was getting a little tired and not sure I created too interesting of a design.  I call it “Tidal Wave.”

Color Harmony – Patty


I love sunflowers, so couldn’t resist using them for the color harmony project.  I hope we were supposed to combine the cool (blue sky) and warm palettes.  I had a lot of fun doing this project.  All in all felt way more relaxed with the workload this week.

Photoshop Lesson 5 – Patty

IMG_5300      IMG_5301

I finally had a successful Photoshop session.  I used a tip from someone who said to watch it on a tablet while doing the activity on the computer.  That worked.  Still haven’t figured out how to save and upload a copy of what I did, so after spending lots of time on it I ended up printing out the projects and taking a picture of them.  I will eventually get it . . .