Hudson-Harmony in Color

Harmonycolor-hudsonPhotoshop-hudson-5For my first piece I chose to combine several shades of purples, blues, and reds. They look far more washed out in the picture, which I think I actually prefer. I continued with the triangle theme in my work for the background behind the rose. The second piece is of shapes layered together using the hexagon tool, I don’t think using the tool was very difficult, however when I did try blending several shapes together I did not like how it looked. Therefore I went for a cleaner and more abstract modern piece.

Color Temperature-Hudson

Hudson-4-1 Hudson-4-2  The first two pieces are the works for the cool and warm, sadly the colors didn’t come out the way they did on paper as they did in film. There is white blended in both pieces in the background that did not show up. The story behind these two is my personal response to the Umpqua College shooting this week. The first is a red background symbolizing blood shed, white to show the innocence lost, and the word Senseless in black because thats what the act was. The black one is a  gun wound in blue because it shows the killing was in cold blood, there is white running through it because those lives lost were innocent.  Hudson-4-3  This is my neutral piece, it is symbolic of the triune God, painted in gold with multiple colors behind it, each representing a characteristic of God.

Hudson-project 1

IMG_4991 pink-floyd-dark-side-of-the-moon-wallpaper-2I chose the Dark side of the Moon for my image to reverse, sadly it did not turn out as planned because my paper had blue water drip on it and I had to wash the whole sheet in black because I did not have another sheet of water color paper. I still really enjoyed the color relationship discoveries I had this week.

Visual Record- Li Hudson

IMG_1893 IMG_1886   For this weeks work I used to pieces that are near and dear to my heart. The one on the left is a depiction of the relationship between the moon, sun, and ocean. It was created on canvas using, acrylic paint, watercolor, metallic sharpie, and sand for texture; I created it about a year ago for a midterm. The second piece a friend of mine created, it is a Lino block cut on Japanese paper using Daniel Smith ink.  I think this weeks assignment was not particularly difficult, because I have been photographing my art for several year.

Lilah Hudson- Intro

Hey Class,

My name is Lilah Hudson, but I generally go by Li. I am a junior majoring in Art here at the University of Alaska. My focuses for art are Metal Smithing and Photography, my minor is in Business. Along with being a full time student, I also play Volleyball for the University. I love being outdoors, doing art, and sports. For the first 18 years of my life I lived in Seattle, Washington, where I attended Kennedy Catholic High School and was part of the volleyball team, competitive orchestra program, and debate team. When I wasn’t in season for Volleyball, I was training with the Lake Union Crew club. I am greatly looking forward to this semester, I hope everyone has a beautiful year!