Jackie Final project

final project art

This came from a story that I listened to on the youtube channel MrCreepypasta. The story revolved around a man who is stalking in a woman in attempts to kill her because of his hate of woman rejecting him. We spend a good part of the story building up this killer and making him out to be a seriously dangerous fiend. He spends weeks stalking this women learning her every habit so he can catch her at the exact moment. He plans to off her when she is taking a shower since it is one of the few times in the day where she will have no help available to her. We are with him when he breaks in and is about to get his kill. However when he arrives it is all turned on his head when he discovers that something is wrong. Someone else has already killed her and this is when the hunter becomes the hunted. One of the funnest things about this story is that it is from the lore of Creepypastas. Creepypastas are scary stories on the internet that are posted to creepypasta.com, from the S.C.P.  foundation  or have been narrated by on of the Creepypasta narrators  on youtube. The reason I bring this up is the creature that comes to kill the man is a long loved and iconic character named Jeff the killer and it is fun to see him used in a way that is actually fairly intimidating (trust me when I say he was not originally the most well written character.)

This picture was originally a sketch which I scanned into photoshop. I have been working hard to get better with photoshop since I didn’t start out that good. I have only been working with digital medium for two years and I am very happy to see that my artwork has gotten much better. I have learned many things about shadows and making under-layers. I tried to employ all my knowledge of photoshop into this picture and I am decently please with the results.

I made this  picture to show the reveal of the story. I tried to capture it at an odd angle in the hopes that this would disturb the viewer and help the get a sense of the horror and confusion that the serial killer is feeling as he realizes he is no longer in control of the situation.  The bathrooms pastel color pallet helps throw off the atmosphere  to help show how wrong the inter situation is.

This picture (other than being from a Creepypasta I really like) does have quite a bit of meaning to me personally. It is a tribute to every other piece of art I have done. You see when I am doing art I really don’t like to watch things that will distract and listening to music really doesn’t keep my attention for this sort of thing. I need some form of words in the background and 9 times out of 10 I’m going to be listening to a horror story. It’s just how I roll, it really helps me focus in on what I’m doing. I have a very deep love of horror stories and they have really helped me along in life from distracting me at the dentists office to doing artwork. I’m hoping this picture captured me love of the genre.

Jackies Work in progress

final project

My final project is coming along quite nicely. I am getting to the point were I have decided how exactly I should work with the shading and some of the coloration  in the area. It is quite nice and the toilet  has even turned out fairly well. I’m  thinking I’ve captured at least part of the atmosphere I wanted. There still are several things that need work.

A. the back of the mans shirt and his face in in general

B. the hands on the man in the door

C. the bloodstains and blood in general

D. the glowing light coming from the eye

I’m sure theirs more but I will find them as a continue to work. Anyways that is how this is going so far.

Jackie Final project Proposal

KIMG0961This piece would be titled “There is always a bigger fish’. The idea behind the art is based on a story by Vincent V. Cava about a serial killer has stalked and attempted to kill his victim, but unknown to him he has in turn been stalked by a spree killer who intends to take his life. It is a character study really for both of these two. One is a selfish man who blames all beautiful woman for the constant rejection that has happened throughout his life. He is furious that He cannot be a ladies man, therefore he has begun to murder woman in sequences. The other is a far more unsettled mind who’s sanity has fled and he is left with only thoughts of killing. He is a creature of slight mystery a man who straddles the border between being human and supernatural. The picture will be done in a darker color pallet to capture a gritty and disturbing color sequence to unnerve the viewer and bring them into the dark mindsets of both these characters..

I will be using one point perspective in this piece since it is set outside the bathroom door looking in. This will limit the perspective enough that I will be forced to draw certain things like the sink the bathtub and the toilet in a odd fashion. I have never been good at architecture so this will also be a test of whether or not Jackie can design a competent bathroom. Many laughs will no doubt ensue from this mess. I have a hard time working with one point perspective and try to avoid it at all costs which is of course why I have based this piece completely around it. I hope the results will look, at the very least, interesting. Hopefully the toilet will not be to horrific by the time I have finished, I have my doubts.

Another thing that I am hoping to capture is the strange lighting in this piece. This bathroom is lit as any bathroom would be with an overhanging light. This will only partially spread threw the open door and it will create many highlights and shadows that will be quite fun to create. I have a particular problem with creating hair so that will be an area I focus on in this piece. I intend to look up some YouTube tutorials and ask some of my artist friends how the create hair, hopefully this will help.

The last problem I face is whether to do this in digital or acrylic. I find that the digital world, though less messy makes it harder to capture certain aspects of characters. Then again I do not think I have the resources to create this piece in acrylic. I would need to find the correct canvas and be able to afford the paint for the piece, neither of which it looks like all be able to do. So I’m going to make it digital to cut back on costs and other problems. This will offer several unique opportunities since I am no expert at digital work yet and this will give me a chance to hone my skills.

Jackie Project (late as heck)

BookScanCenter_3 BookScanCenter_4 12243392_438122486391639_138799005753440044_n 12243509_438122483058306_8576602107719861329_n 12247125_438122543058300_8904690113796302785_n 12249789_438122479724973_5038620675074973145_n 12279199_438122473058307_988798860814264254_n 12227710_438122476391640_6249075933464410135_n

So the general basis behind this phone is this is a phone that lets you talk to supernatural and extraterrestrial beings. I called it PossesION because it sounded like the sort of stupid name that people love to give this kind of thing. This was not a good assignment for me. It took me forever to find the correct type of material to make this out of and in the end I went with mediocre rather than the best. It is made from paper towels and a tea box. I would have tried to make it out of larboard but it just wouldn’t behave itself so after multiple failed attempts I gave up and went with easier to work with things.

I do kinda like the way this box turned out, it is a bit messy but I liked the effect the rough edges have on it. It looks like one of those products you read about in horror stories when its like “I was at the store looking for a new phone because my dog chewed up mine and I saw this crappy box with a weird description and a strange smell emanating from it…”  That sort of thing.

On the downside the writing is rather messy, I am horrible at typography it turns out. I feel this combined with how late this is is going to bring me a well deserved F. I do feel really bad about this, but it just wasn’t my week. Hopefully everything else will go more smoothly from now on.



Jackie color and composition

comfertlines comfert

This was done in photoshop and features two characters from a game called Undertale. Following the rule of thirds turned out to be pretty easy for the most part. I think I may have broken it slightly, but all and all everything behaved itself fairly well. Because of the lighting and other assorted fun things It was  one of the more fun pieces  I have created this semester. My only complaint is I did this with a mouse. I really wish I had a tablet, I feel my life would be less difficult. Oh well..floweys revenge

This is my rule of odds piece and I used the traveling technique for it. It was pretty fun to make. It was much quicker than my other piece but I still think it turned out okay.

watercolor jackie


This was  fun enough exercise. I think that some of it went downhill, but most of it was pretty good. I’m not sure if my shading turned out the best seeing as how I couldn’t find the correct brush for the wet medium watercolor. I don’t think it caused to many problems, but some of the shading is a tiny bit wonky because of it. Oh well.


jackie color contrast

BookScanCenter_1 BookScanCenter_2

I really hate having to make an exact copy of anything, especially  my own work. I also hate how scanners make things way darker than they actually are. I did not do my best work on these two pieces/ The lighter one is suffering from some discoloration on one side because of an experiment that I tried and failed to do. I also did not get the color contrast the way I wanted it on the darker one. All and all I am not happy with these pieces.

Jackie Color uses


I did not have the best time trying to deal with these. This was originally going to be a far more complicated pattern but due to “things” that went wrong problems grew. This project is my best example of why it is a bad idea to try to save time by painting backgrounds first if your original color for your top is something as weak as silver. There was also a moment when I could not for the life of me find the blue one until I remembered that I painted it on the back of another painting to save space. This project was not kind to me.


This character is from a game that is quite popular right  now called Undertale. Now this game is based around ethics and choice and this character will only attack you if you cause a lot of pain and suffering for the other characters within the game. One specific thing you will end up doing is killing his brother. The colors are very thematic to this event. Blue is traditionally used to represent innocence, this character is one of the nicest in the game. Red represents aggression anger and energy.  The is character is the hardest boss in the inter game and if you anger him you will end up fighting him for hours and hours because of how powerful and fast he is. I also tried to use a significant amount of grey on this character because grey is he color of loss.


I had quite a bit of fun with this piece. I am not a big fan of colors but in this case it did kind of work. I originally started out with the idea of some demonic mask and then added he colors to make it “Cheerful” and “Friendly”. I is not as complete as I’d like but once again due to complications during the week failure was present in my actions. I hope the next batch of paintings runs a bit smoother.

Photoshop lesson 8


I am sorry this is so late, My blackboard was giving me on heck of a ride this week. So this was a thing that I made and due to the fact the colors that I originally choose for this looked horrible whenever I tried to work with them I switched them to a black and white pattern and I have to say I prefer the results.