Final Project – Hunter

My final project was super fun to do! I hope everyone else had fun since we had free reign on this one!

For my final project, I wanted to focus on color schemes a lot. Those lessons really intrigued me and kept me interested. My two favorites were the monochromatic schemes, and the color discord schemes.

So to start out, my biggest inspirations were the people I listen to the most while making art. Their names are Father John Misty and Lykke Li. Both of them are super ethereal but raw singers that use different elements of music to balance out the harsh with the soft. But the thing that really makes me love them is their irony in their music. Lykke Li sings very adult and mature songs with this almost childlike singing that is very haunting and beautiful, while Father John Misty makes fun of today’s society through ironic song structures (for his new album, the only electronic song is called “True Affection’ and is about NOT using electronic devices to speak to each other, but to speak in person).

When I first thought of irony, I automatically thought of color discord, just because I thought you could change something “beautiful’ into something hard to look at. I thought of nature. I thought if I made these natural things be hard to look at and artificial, it would create something really starkly different from the mainly monochromatic people above. I also threw in some skulls to make the color scheme–which is “twisted’ on something natural–balance out so that there is something deadly and obscure in the grouping.

Now for the singers, I wanted to created a pop-art feeling to them. So I created realistic under sketches for their bodies, but then make the coloring really dramatic. This was easy to do since I did this on my tablet. Also, in light of Father John Misty, I gave them crowns because where his name is so pretentious (which I love about him.) The dots on their faces was just a stylistic choice that I thought wrapped the piece as a whole.

Bored Alone

* * *

WOW! I can’t believe the semester is over! I really enjoyed having this class and I hope everyone did, too. At the beginning it felt very disconnected from the rest of you guys, but in the end I feel like we’re a tiny community of art students that post art for themed shows. I’m just rambling now ha ha. But I’ve really enjoyed seeing everyone’s art and you can really tell the personalities of everyone through the art. Sorry, I get super sentimental at times!

Have a good break everyone!

Hunter – Final Project (Progress)

So of course, I change my mind halfway through.

In my last post I talked a lot about how I wanted to draw a certain image because I was inspired by it. But the last image I was using as a reference inspired me to something, but it didn’t inspire me to do the  right  thing, if that makes sense. Naturally, I started over.

I have this new image with two musicians that I constantly listen to while drawing. They are Father John Misty and Lykke Li. The two of them are so naturally inspiring that I chose to draw them in this piece. I don’t want to give everything away behind the piece, just so I have something to say for when I’m finished, but I’m very excited to finish this!

Here is a quick concept sketch:


Final Project Proposal – Hunter

For my final project I want to continue this style of drawing I’ve been working on for a little bit. I’ve only done it once, with this Lorde portrait:  Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 10.47.46 AM

but I’m thinking with the harsh coloring, I can use some of the color skills we’ve learned. I’ve always been super interesting by the second section of work that we did because color composition and color relationships have always interested me. I’ve also always been–on a side-note–interested by patterns which I want to try and add into this.


So this is the image that I’m going to base my project off of. I’ve been really into Adele lately, with the release of her new album. She’s very inspiring and her music really is going to drive this piece. I think this picture is really stunning and I think her expression really looks cool and collected to me which is driving me towards the color blue. I think I want to make her and her presence a monochromatic blue. Or maybe a purple, or a mixture of blue and purple (which would not make it monochromatic but keep it in the cool tones.) I want to make her outsides a screaming color of warm colors, making her compete against her surroundings. It is sort of like a piece I did earlier for this course that I really liked. For the background I’m thinking of making a pattern, or maybe just a cacophony of different objects, in a color discord style. I’m going to use the really bright oranges and fuchsias.

This is my really quick (crappy) doodle for the plan:


This sketch is really broad and not super specific, but that’s sort of how I usually work on pieces. I don’t like to draw everything up right away just because A) I don’t want to be disappointed when it doesn’t turn out the way I was thinking, and B) I won’t feel bad for changing my original plan ha ha. I’m going to do this digitally on my tablet, but try and incorporate some of the Photoshop skills we’ve learned. I’m really excited to start working on this and to finish it and see what everyone else is doing!

Project 3 – Hunter

I feel like I say this every single time we do a project, but this one was my favorite so far.

It was so difficult and challenging to make that I almost preferred it to simple pieces.

I knew my target audience had to be college students because I am one, so I automatically wanted to try that. The first three things that came to mind were: coffee, ramen, and tea. The coffee and tea I thought could be sold in coffee stores at the campus. And the ramen could be sold in the cache (which is like a tiny grocery store in the dorms at the campus.) I chose the ramen because the joke is that if you’re going to college you’re going to live on instant ramen. This is my little rough draft of everything:


I wanted to make the packaging digitally. I thought that if the colors were super clean and really saturated, it would pull more people’s attention. I also wanted to create images reminiscent of college. Here’s the final product. I like how it turned out, but I don’t LOVE it. Whenever I would print it out, it would cut off the side with the bowl and the instructions on how to make it for some reason. I printed it four times before I just decided to go with it. I also didn’t notice until right now that I forgot to make the bottom of the packaging. I was going to just put recycling information on it.  IMG_3324 IMG_3325 IMG_3326

The print on the sides with the instructions on how to make the ramen and also the nutritional values were a little small and hard to read so I’ll include the initial “floor-plan” for the box.


I really enjoyed this project because advertising is something that interests me a lot, packaging being a specific aspect of it that I really gravitate for. It was fun making the images of the college students eating the ramen and the books stacked and the bowl of ramen. It was my first time ever doing something like this, and I enjoyed it a whole lot!


Color and Composition – Hunter

I really liked doing these paintings. When I looked up Rule of Thirds and Rule of Odds on Google for more research and these amazing landscape photographs. I’ve never really be into landscape paintings, but for some reason doing these were so relaxing because I could use any colors without it being abstract because there are so many different colors and layers to nature.

This Rule of Thirds picture really caught my attention because it reminds me of my grandma’s house in Maine. She lives on the beach and there is a light house near her home. So I gravitated towards this picture a lot.


The Rule of Odds picture really was amazing. It was a silhouette of three wind turbines against this moody blue-green-purple sky. I really liked mixing the colors of the sky for this one.


Color Uses – Hunter

(Sorry for the bad quality photos; what I usually use to upload them was acting up today.)

These projects were fun to do. Except for the Bezold effect piece. I didn’t really understand it while making it, so I just did something that I thought was reminiscent of it rather than trying to emulate the examples. If I could go back in time, I would probably just try and emulate one of the examples, just so that I could better understand the style.


This next piece was the color temperature piece. My original plan was to have this girl who looks like she’s at a party and isn’t enjoying herself, so she’s blue and the party is the warm colors. I made sure to make her cup red just so that it matched the color scheme of the “party colors”. But some of the background  color bled into her arm and it made me think that what if the warm colors were the intoxication, and it seeping into her arm was the level of her intoxication rising. I like how this one turned out.IMG_3180

The next piece was the color discord piece. I used the two colors in her headdress that were in the example. But I think the way that I chose to color it almost like a pattern doesn’t give the discord effect in my opinion. I don’t think I accomplished the uneasy feeling your eyes get when you look at it. I think it has part to do with the magenta color drying darker than it was when it was wet. But I still like this piece.