Elaina Boman- Final project

I chose to do pointillism for my final project because I felt that it went well the first time I tried and wanted to  try again, only this time using Photoshop. This course has helped me learn more about Photoshop and how to use it so I wanted to use it for the final assignment.

I feel like it would’ve taken longer if I were to have done acrylic because of all the wait for each layer of paint to dry. Using Photoshop definitely felt like a faster process  but there were a few difficulties. The hardest thing to do was drawing the flowers. At first it was hard to get them to look like flowers and not just a big glob. After I retraced a few steps I was able to get the look I wanted.

I decided to stick with my original drawing of cherry blossoms. It turned out similar but it also had some differences. I’m happy with the way the colors turned out and the overall outcome of the project. My favorite thing about this digital drawing is the way the background turned out, it really looks blurred, making the flowers seem closer and more focused.

projext xhoice 2

Project Proposal- Boman

The main area I would like to focus on for my final project is pointillism. This class was the very first time I had tried a pointillism study and because I wasn’t familiar with it  I had a tough time with the process and it was all kind of difficult to get the assignment to look how I wanted it. The original was done with paints on paper but this time I’d like to try digital. I’ve never been too familiar with photoshop and how it works. I’ve gotten better with it ever since this class but I’d like to experiment with it a little more to better familiarize and challenge myself. I’m thinking with digital it may be easier to get the colors to blend or it might be a lot harder. Either way it’ll be a challenge for me.

For now the idea is to base this project off of a photo of flowers with analogous colors of both warm and cool temperatures for color harmony. I’d like the flowers to be warm while the background has either blue or green tones. I’m sticking with the realistic colors of the flowers I choose, other than slightly changing the tones, it’ll be the same. I’ll study photos of flowers on the internet to get a better idea of what flowers I’ll want to use and how the shadows will be placed. There’s also the decision on whether I want the point of view to be facing up towards the flowers or down at the ground, maybe even just in a vase. For now, I’m sticking with cherry blossoms and will be experimenting with a few ideas.


Here is my sketch of some cherry blossoms. Years of practicing  black and white value scales has paid off. When I recreate this in Photoshop it’ll have a variety of warm and cool analogous colors ,along with a background which will be  filling in some of the negative space around the flowers. I’ll end up having multiple pointillism pieces, they might not all be flowers, and I’ll select the one I find most satisfactory.