Charlotte-Final Project



My final! finally! sorry its so late, I emailed Akanit about it already. Family emergency stuff.

Sorry nonetheless.

This was difficult. And i wanted to paint over it like in the other pictures i did in my other works.

I composited many of the images together, There is one im really not happy with and thats the storm trooper on the sand. it looks rushed and its irritating me. but im done with it. So done. ha

Some of the images are just straigh shots but those are mainly the storm trooper talking and the one in front of the house. 🙂

I liked the idea of doing a graphic novel and i feel like it what successful but wish i had more time to do a cover page or something like that.

Charlotte-Final Project Proposal

Im really not sure what to do. i want to focus on portraits


but i also want to do composites in Photoshop and then paint over them in Photosho like the one i have below. They would be in this same type of theme. Maybe black and white or sepia. Not exactly sure yet.


Something like this maybe, but painted over:



Here are the portraits i was thinking of painting over if that’s the direction i want to go.



I think im leaning more towrads compositing images and then painting over them. Maybe ill do 3.

Charlotte Project 3

IMG_3351 IMG_3355 IMG_3357 IMG_3358 IMG_3359


For Project 3 i wanted to do a burger carton from one of my favorite shows. I used an old carton i found to give me an idea of what it would look like flattened out. I scaled it up a little, added tabs so that when it was all done it would be easier to tape together.

I used colored pencils to get the effect i wanted and used the font from the show.

it feels too simple but i didn’t want it too cluttered. I should’ve used a different font for the slogan on the sides but mehh it will do. Most burger cartons dont have a lot of working.

The coloring took the most time but also the planning it out was somewhat tricky. I like it overall and the lok is what i was going for.

Color Relationships-Charlotte

Ebony1Mike Wazowski Cup


Pointilismt faaaaiiilll! haha i did this in Photoshop and it was really hard….


Ok updated the post with my attempt at Van Gogh that took me all week and i was too frustrated to finish…. because it took me all week………   Van Gogh can keep it… Its a reallllly hard style to try and emulate.


I did both in Photoshop. I know it says to use paints but im probably never going to paint again in my life.   My minor field is going to be in computer art so why not do it on the computer…   Hopefully thats acceptable