Bridget Jensen: Final Project

I created a series of photos that I took myself. I transformed them using the technique we learned in lessons 7 LowPoly Portrait. I think some of the photos might have worked better than others. I had a lot of fun with this however, I realized that it is much more time consuming then I had originally thought it would be. I took more time on the smaller details within the bear, fox and flower photos. I think that when I took more time to do more detailed areas it made the photo look better in the LowPoly transformation. By far the most difficult photo to transform was the fireweed photo. There was so much more detail that I wanted to show through the transformation that it took the longest. I am very happy with the finished product that came out of the fireweed photo. Overall I am happy with what I created and look forward to do more detailed photos in the future.  

Bearcreation Flowercreation Foxcreation Salmonberrycreation Streamcreation

Bridget Jensen: Final Project Proposal

    For my final project I would like to do a series using the LowPoly Portrait technique we learned during week seven of the Photoshop lessons. I would like to use several of my own photographs for this final project. I would like to focus on nature, landscape, and wildlife photos. I am going to do a serious of five photos that go along the theme I stated earlier. I think that the LowPoly Portrait gives a unique look to realistic photos. I think it would be fun and interesting to use my own photos with the technique.

                      I want to take my time with this final project and use as many different sizes of shapes that I can. I think that the more variety in sizes there are of the shapes the more shading and depth there is to the photo. I am defiantly way more into the digital aspect of art than I am the painting aspect. I think that using the LowPoly portrait technique with help me become more comfortable in Photoshop. I also would like to play around with the lighting, hue, and/or saturation of my photos before transforming them.

                      I have choses this for my final project because I think that it defines me more than painting will or does. I find the digital world to be very interesting and limitless. I had a fun time with the LowPoly Portrait assignment and wanting to expand using this technique. I am excited and ready to get started on my final project. Here are a few photos I plan to use in my series.Bear fireweed Fox

Bridget Jensen: Watercolor from Photo

I had some trouble with pencil lines in the aspect of trying to get ride of some of them. To me it didn’t really seem to work. I also had to try the texture part of the activity over a couple of times before finally getting it correct. I used one of my own photos for this activity and I am pretty pleased with the results.  

WatercolorFox copy

Bridget Jensen: Photoshop Snow Leopard

I decided to create a snow leopard during this weeks assignment. For the most part I am happy with it other than I think it may be a little chunky looking. I had some troubles in the beginning with he different things the video showed for the layers. I had a hard time understanding the person talking to it took me a bit to get the right effects onto the layers. After I figured out all of the necessary actions for the layers it went fairly quick. I had fun I am looking forward to doing more of these it was a fun exercise.  


Bridget Jensen: Project 2

I decided to study the abstract Expressionism period 1946-1960’s. I had fun with this piece, it made me let loose a feel the brushes more than being so technical as I feel I normally am. I picked the color scheme because I like all the colors in it but one that was the rusty yellow color. I created something that to me expresses just letting going and having fun which is what I like to do, have fun.  

Abstrac expressionalism

Bridget Jensen: Color Schemes

This assignment was fun. I liked using the adobe color wheel to help me with my colors. I did have a hard time mixing them to get the color I truly wanted, but over all I think I did fairly well. I used a digital created portrait however I used the colors of my skin not necessarily complementary colors. These are in order as the homework was ordered. Complimentary, Monochromatic, Split complimentary, and Triadic
selfportraitMonochromaticsplit compTraid

Bridget Jensen: Harmony

I liked my painting however, I feel that I struggled some with the blending of the colors. I wanted them to blend more into each other a more subtle but flowing. I think next time I might try doing the dark or inside colors first them try and blend them better. I noticed acrylic paint is hard to blend with because it is so dry and thick.