Charlotte-Final Project



My final! finally! sorry its so late, I emailed Akanit about it already. Family emergency stuff.

Sorry nonetheless.

This was difficult. And i wanted to paint over it like in the other pictures i did in my other works.

I composited many of the images together, There is one im really not happy with and thats the storm trooper on the sand. it looks rushed and its irritating me. but im done with it. So done. ha

Some of the images are just straigh shots but those are mainly the storm trooper talking and the one in front of the house. 🙂

I liked the idea of doing a graphic novel and i feel like it what successful but wish i had more time to do a cover page or something like that.

One thought on “Charlotte-Final Project

  1. So I know I don’t get any credit for this but I just want to say I really like your work! It’s definitely great quality (though as you pointed out the storm trooper in the sand is off) you definitely have an eye for graphics, I wouldn’t be able to create this because my formatting would be too over thought. Good job!

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