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This came from a story that I listened to on the youtube channel MrCreepypasta. The story revolved around a man who is stalking in a woman in attempts to kill her because of his hate of woman rejecting him. We spend a good part of the story building up this killer and making him out to be a seriously dangerous fiend. He spends weeks stalking this women learning her every habit so he can catch her at the exact moment. He plans to off her when she is taking a shower since it is one of the few times in the day where she will have no help available to her. We are with him when he breaks in and is about to get his kill. However when he arrives it is all turned on his head when he discovers that something is wrong. Someone else has already killed her and this is when the hunter becomes the hunted. One of the funnest things about this story is that it is from the lore of Creepypastas. Creepypastas are scary stories on the internet that are posted to creepypasta.com, from the S.C.P.  foundation  or have been narrated by on of the Creepypasta narrators  on youtube. The reason I bring this up is the creature that comes to kill the man is a long loved and iconic character named Jeff the killer and it is fun to see him used in a way that is actually fairly intimidating (trust me when I say he was not originally the most well written character.)

This picture was originally a sketch which I scanned into photoshop. I have been working hard to get better with photoshop since I didn’t start out that good. I have only been working with digital medium for two years and I am very happy to see that my artwork has gotten much better. I have learned many things about shadows and making under-layers. I tried to employ all my knowledge of photoshop into this picture and I am decently please with the results.

I made this  picture to show the reveal of the story. I tried to capture it at an odd angle in the hopes that this would disturb the viewer and help the get a sense of the horror and confusion that the serial killer is feeling as he realizes he is no longer in control of the situation.  The bathrooms pastel color pallet helps throw off the atmosphere  to help show how wrong the inter situation is.

This picture (other than being from a Creepypasta I really like) does have quite a bit of meaning to me personally. It is a tribute to every other piece of art I have done. You see when I am doing art I really don’t like to watch things that will distract and listening to music really doesn’t keep my attention for this sort of thing. I need some form of words in the background and 9 times out of 10 I’m going to be listening to a horror story. It’s just how I roll, it really helps me focus in on what I’m doing. I have a very deep love of horror stories and they have really helped me along in life from distracting me at the dentists office to doing artwork. I’m hoping this picture captured me love of the genre.

One thought on “Jackie Final project

  1. This piece, which was sketched and scanned into photoshop for coloring, is a very tense picture.

    What strikes me first is how a color scheme that should be calm and easy to look at, the somewhat analagous appearence of the red-purple-blue, causes concern.

    The elements of the painting are all very expressive. The hand in the bathtub, the look of fear on the man’s face, the blood on the mirror, and the maniacal grin of the creature by the doorframe set the scene effectively.

    The two things that cause the most tension in the picture to me are the angle of the drawing, which is a bit inconsistent and looks down on the man about to face his death, and the bit of light cast upon the monster.

    Altogether I find the piece to be reasonably effective and interesting.

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