Final Project-Tania Winston


Tania Winston. Memorial. Acrylic on Paper. 18×22

For my final project, I decided to do a little something for my husband and create a memorial. I wanted to utilize the expressionist method, because I don’t think I did a very good job of it in the last assignment. I wanted the blood to be bright and stark against the green, so it would stand out and create a very strong emotion of not only violence and anger but of passion. The idea behind the painting was to memorialize the brothers  my husband  lost, and signify them with the unit patches.

When I first did the sketch, I was unsure of what to do with the flag. I didn’t want it to drape on the ground, so I put it up between the boots, where the rifle would be located in the fallen soldier memorial. The blood was the hardest because I wanted to make sure it looked like blood and not a red stain on the ground. I tried to incorporate different shades by using the pure red and then mixing in some black.  I didn’t blend them in very well at first, but I went over it a few times and finally I visualize the blood. I thought the boots would be difficult, but I am very happy how they came out. I mixed the yellow ochre color with the white to lighten up the shape. I then added just a miniscule amount of burnt sienna to it to darken it up a little. I used that to outline and provide some shading. I then used the original burnt sienna to do the lace holders, and then lightened it up for the laces.

I placed a tree in the background to show distance and also to fill in the empty space on the left. Overall, I am pretty happy with this painting.

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