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My final project was super fun to do! I hope everyone else had fun since we had free reign on this one!

For my final project, I wanted to focus on color schemes a lot. Those lessons really intrigued me and kept me interested. My two favorites were the monochromatic schemes, and the color discord schemes.

So to start out, my biggest inspirations were the people I listen to the most while making art. Their names are Father John Misty and Lykke Li. Both of them are super ethereal but raw singers that use different elements of music to balance out the harsh with the soft. But the thing that really makes me love them is their irony in their music. Lykke Li sings very adult and mature songs with this almost childlike singing that is very haunting and beautiful, while Father John Misty makes fun of today’s society through ironic song structures (for his new album, the only electronic song is called “True Affection’ and is about NOT using electronic devices to speak to each other, but to speak in person).

When I first thought of irony, I automatically thought of color discord, just because I thought you could change something “beautiful’ into something hard to look at. I thought of nature. I thought if I made these natural things be hard to look at and artificial, it would create something really starkly different from the mainly monochromatic people above. I also threw in some skulls to make the color scheme–which is “twisted’ on something natural–balance out so that there is something deadly and obscure in the grouping.

Now for the singers, I wanted to created a pop-art feeling to them. So I created realistic under sketches for their bodies, but then make the coloring really dramatic. This was easy to do since I did this on my tablet. Also, in light of Father John Misty, I gave them crowns because where his name is so pretentious (which I love about him.) The dots on their faces was just a stylistic choice that I thought wrapped the piece as a whole.

Bored Alone

* * *

WOW! I can’t believe the semester is over! I really enjoyed having this class and I hope everyone did, too. At the beginning it felt very disconnected from the rest of you guys, but in the end I feel like we’re a tiny community of art students that post art for themed shows. I’m just rambling now ha ha. But I’ve really enjoyed seeing everyone’s art and you can really tell the personalities of everyone through the art. Sorry, I get super sentimental at times!

Have a good break everyone!

2 thoughts on “Final Project – Hunter

  1. I already left a formal critique elsewhere but I wanted to drop by and say how much I love your final project! Your portraits have been consistently awe-inspiring throughout the class… you make it look so easy! Personally, I love the discordant color scheme you chose in light of the irony of their music. I’ve never listened to either, so I’m going to go check them out. Great job!!

  2. Your piece is very successful. The complimentary relationship between the purple and yellow really balance out the piece as a whole. The little details really create the most visual interest, the amount of effort put into their hair is really astounding and you don’t notice it at first but the more you look at it the more you see. The composition of the piece overall is very strong, and pleasing to the eye, and I think it’s aided heavily by the white space, having any other color background wouldn’t have done the art justice.

    Their shirts are a bit displeasing, you were able to create such individuality between their heads but their bodies sort of just blend together in one big mass and I think it’s mainly Lykke and the lack of any defining features of her clothing, he body just seems ill fit but johns body is spot on really.

    I’m a bit nit-picky but I think one area that you could easily improve is the scalloping above the roses, everywhere else the lines are so clean but there are a couple mistakes in that area.

    Overall a really strong piece, your work is definitely very distinct as your style and its very professional looking. Your ability to convey a feeling through portraits is crazy amazing and you can definitely see the improvements you’ve made through the course, great job!

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