Final Project

For my project I attempted to create a Mucha-like rendering of a pun I thought of a while ago.   The pun is based off the band, Pink Floyd, and the boxer, Floyd Mayweather.   Although I liked the idea a lot, I could not seem to create the image that was in my mind.   I always planned for the drawing to be monochromatic so the pun would be relevant, but I had a lot of issues creating an image I liked with the limited color range.   This is the end result of my struggle with Photoshop.

My original plan for tackling this piece was doing a drawing and scanning it into Photoshop to improve the drawing.   I chose to do a Mucha like drawing because I enjoy his line work and use of patterns.   I thought it would be good to challenge myself to do this since I usually stay away from decorative patterns because I enjoy rendering realistic objects.

After doing many sketches and coming up with a composition I liked, I began working on the drawing.   Since I am taking a few other studio classes, I have been doing a lot of drawings lately and been working in traditional mediums.   I think this is the reason that when I started doing this project, I decided to only use the computer.   I told myself it would be good to challenge myself with Photoshop since I plan on using it more after this class.   I normally use a program called SketchBook Pro that I prefer because it is simpler and more intuitive for me.   However, it doe not have enough feature or versatility to be helpful with photo manipulation.

I used a few different large images from the Internet to piece together a collage that resembled the sketch I did earlier.  I wanted to enlarge the images to create a composition closer to my original sketch but I was afraid that the image would become pixelated.  I had to use the magic wand tool a lot to cut out certain things I did not want.   I used the rectangle tool to create a box for the letters and applied a lot of different filters to the image.

The thing I had the most trouble with was figuring out how to make Floyd Mayweather pink without just doing a drawing of him and scanning it in.   I spent hours on YouTube looking for tutorials on how to make a monochromatic photo but all of them were for gray scale images.   None of them showed colored photos and the ones that did, were not very good.   I ended up taking the image to Illustrator and using the tracing option to limit the colors of the original photo to about 10.   Then I began to mess around with the paint bucket and coloring in the image to make it pink.   This took forever and was not very rewarding because the image looked really harsh in comparison to Mucha’s work.   To mediate this, I messed around with filters.   I used the skills we learned from Lesson 9.   I still was not happy with the harsh changes in color so I went back to the original photo of Mayweather, manipulated it to be more blurred, changed the hue to make it pink, and layered that over my image at a low opacity to soften the piece.   Although it helped, I wish I could have created something that was closer to Mucha’s style.   I will probably stick to traditional methods until I get more comfortable with Photoshop.

As far as the colors go, I wish it were not vital for the pun for me to change the color pallet.   I would have liked to use a larger range of colors so I could draw more attention to Mayweather.   Right now, I feel like the decorative pattern and similar colors push him out of focus.  A funny thing I notice when I uploaded the image was that I accidently changed the background color to pink.  When I was working on the image the background looked like a really light shade of pink since there was so much pink around it.  However, I know that the color is white since on this post it blends into the screen.  I thought this was worth mentioning since it related to the color contrast exercise we did.  One good thing that came out of this drawing is that I learned a little more about Illustrator and also came up with another idea.   It is going to be ‘Monochrome’ Lewinsky.  Eventually I’ll grow up and stop liking puns so much but I don’t think it will be anytime soon.


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