Final Project

For the final project I focused on organics with an abstra grunge look. I left the edges rough to keep a grunge and draw attention the the details that were a little better formed.

The idea behind it kept true, though I think that more highlights could’ve really made the pieces. I had to keep the acrylic fairly wet and work quickly, there is a good bit of layering in some of the pieces and the lighter bits still haven’t come through, perhaps it’s my lighting. I got soft lights…


2 thoughts on “Final Project

  1. This artist works a very limited color pallet and in the end that actually really enhances the art. The simplistic backgrounds really help show off the flowers that the artist had created. The inter piece has a very Japanese feel it it.

  2. (comment continued because post button is full of S***)
    I feel that all three pieces are very successful in their own right. They all have a calming yet mysterious air to them. I also think the work very well together in a set. I like the correlation that the lines give four blue for the top, blue and red for the middle, and then red for the bottom. It makes you have to look at it to understand it, and I think it gives it more character. It also kind of gives it the feeling of switching times of night. It’s an interesting transitional piece.
    If I were to try to interpret this piece it would guess that it is supposed to show change to a darker period in the night. If we want to get metaphysical with it it might represent the balance of rage (red) and empathy (blue) within a person and the middle piece would be the constant state of being for a normal well adjusted person who has a bit of both inside but balances it in their day to day existence.
    I have to say the middle piece is my favorite. I find the thorns on the red flower to be very ascetically pleasing. I fill that the light in this piece was worked with the best and everything just has a very graceful tone.
    All and all I think this was an excellent idea for a final project. It feels like the artist really understood what they were going for here and I think the accomplished it very well. It is also an excellent example of how to work with more simplistic color pallets. These are excellent pieces of work.

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