Gloria Kimmel Final Project

Name: Gloria Kimmel
Size: 18X24 inches
Medium: Acrylic
Final project the Light, is organic concept I will made with flowers and leave and background, I will use color of each element. I love the idea of color relationships because is so nice to see how the pointillism became a define drawing or to do regular paint ways. I will hand draw the sketch; the size will be 18 X 24 inches on water paper. If everything goes the way I am thinking, the plants will hand down from left to right, I want to use purple flowers some of them are close and one open, the color of the leaf will be green the shape of the leaf is very lobed, I want to use borders to make the flower pot out, I am thinking to have the natural color of leave and or flower.
I have problem half way of the drawing I did not like the way was coming out, the mixing of color make it ugly design, the branch I want to do became a couples lines with not purpose, the purple flowers became flat and one tone, I did not like the branch look like lines. I did hard time to work with acrylic paints the way I want it.
When I start again my design I decide to change the borders from one to two, from violet flower to pink flower and the branch that connect the leave I did not use; I love the way is look the leaves are falling and the flowers have more definition, I use blue for the background from light to dark or dark to light is does not matter how is see it.
I really love the final product of Light is really better than I was thinking.

IMG_3995Gloria Kimmel acrylic 18X24 inches

One thought on “Gloria Kimmel Final Project

  1. This flower design acrylic painting is by Gloria Kimmel. The flowers have been painted a purple-pink tone and are shown with green leaves on a many toned blue background, with two frames of white in the center, filled with gray dots. The flowers and leaves seem to be falling down from the top, as if from the sky. However, the larger flower in the center has been split amongst the two white frames.

    I feel as if I am looking at a window, though not quite. The flowers seem to be falling in front of the window, and the gray dots almost seem to be a snow flurried sky outside. But when my eye is drawn to the center, that visualization goes away, as if the angle is wrong. There is a flow to the painting that I really like, and that is the way the leaves emphasize the flowers direction downward.

    I find this to be a peaceful painting, I feel calm when I look at it, as if I am sitting in my house with a cup of cocoa, watching the flowers fall down, and the gray dots, or snow, fall outside the window. The colors also work well with the blue. The purple-pink of the flowers feel in harmony with the green of t he leaves and the blue of the background.

    I would definitely hang this painting on my wall. I think the concept is very imaginative and original, and beautifully painted. I like the way the colors work together, and I even like the center of the painting, where the flower is split amidst the two frames. That is the part that makes it different, and the unexpected makes this painting more interesting for me.

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