Elaina Boman- Final project

I chose to do pointillism for my final project because I felt that it went well the first time I tried and wanted to  try again, only this time using Photoshop. This course has helped me learn more about Photoshop and how to use it so I wanted to use it for the final assignment.

I feel like it would’ve taken longer if I were to have done acrylic because of all the wait for each layer of paint to dry. Using Photoshop definitely felt like a faster process ┬ábut there were a few difficulties. The hardest thing to do was drawing the flowers. At first it was hard to get them to look like flowers and not just a big glob. After I retraced a few steps I was able to get the look I wanted.

I decided to stick with my original drawing of cherry blossoms. It turned out similar but it also had some differences. I’m happy with the way the colors turned out and the overall outcome of the project. My favorite thing about this digital drawing is the way the background turned out, it really looks blurred, making the flowers seem closer and more focused.

projext xhoice 2

One thought on “Elaina Boman- Final project

  1. This photoshop picture represents cherry blossoms in monochromatic style of pink combined with smaller areas of white and purple. The pointilistic style of picture can be seen in the areas, in which different shades of pink and purple meet.

    The picture is centered around two cherry blossoms with fair amount of detail of layered petals and stamen. A darker layer of pink color in two blossoms makes them stand out from the background, while different layers of pink, purple and white make the picture dimensional. The two blossoms are placed in the center of the picture, making them a focal point.

    This picture has a warm feel due to the pink color and my eyes are drawn to the center with two blossoms. Also using round shape of circles creates a feeling of softness. However, a white area on the top makes me feel that something is missing there and disturbs the overall impression. Maybe a light shade of gray could be used to make more distinctive background.

    This picture caught my attention due to its soft style and theme that nicely reflects the feeling people experience when seeing and smelling cherry trees blossom. They touch our senses and give us a signal that spring is coming. However, I felt that the shades of pink color used to create perception of space were too close on the color scale and some darker areas of dark purple, maybe even darker blue, could create a more dramatic scene and stronger balance of colors and allow the cherry blossoms in the center stand out more.

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