Project Proposal-Devante Owens


For my final project I would like to create a design that I can translate into a screen print for my printmaking class. I am more comfortable with traditional methods of painting so I am going to do a digital image. The image has to work as a silkscreen and I plan on using a lot of flat colors. Unfortunately the more colors I use, the longer making a print will take so I want to keep it limited to less than five. This is one reason I decided to revisit the monochromatic color scheme and rework the acrylic painting I did earlier for the exercise. I want to do something that relies on lines and looks more graphic. My plan is to mimic the style of Mucha and his poster art. The entire piece would be in different shades of pink and use this variety to imply dimension.

                      The focus of the drawing will be Floyd Mayweather, the famous boxer. I am aiming for a vertical composition like many of the influential French posters of the early 1900s.     There will be a mixture of the highly decorative elements of Mucha’s work and the grungy font of the Pink Floyd logo. I think this contrast will add some interest to the piece and I’m hoping that the pun translates well. I am a little worried about working with the decorative patterns because it is definitely something I am not comfortable with.

These are the sketches I have come up with so far for the design.  I am going to have to look up more of Mucha’s work and really study the design before I get any sketches that are really worth working up.        Final Project Sketch

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