Jackie Final project Proposal

KIMG0961This piece would be titled “There is always a bigger fish’. The idea behind the art is based on a story by Vincent V. Cava about a serial killer has stalked and attempted to kill his victim, but unknown to him he has in turn been stalked by a spree killer who intends to take his life. It is a character study really for both of these two. One is a selfish man who blames all beautiful woman for the constant rejection that has happened throughout his life. He is furious that He cannot be a ladies man, therefore he has begun to murder woman in sequences. The other is a far more unsettled mind who’s sanity has fled and he is left with only thoughts of killing. He is a creature of slight mystery a man who straddles the border between being human and supernatural. The picture will be done in a darker color pallet to capture a gritty and disturbing color sequence to unnerve the viewer and bring them into the dark mindsets of both these characters..

I will be using one point perspective in this piece since it is set outside the bathroom door looking in. This will limit the perspective enough that I will be forced to draw certain things like the sink the bathtub and the toilet in a odd fashion. I have never been good at architecture so this will also be a test of whether or not Jackie can design a competent bathroom. Many laughs will no doubt ensue from this mess. I have a hard time working with one point perspective and try to avoid it at all costs which is of course why I have based this piece completely around it. I hope the results will look, at the very least, interesting. Hopefully the toilet will not be to horrific by the time I have finished, I have my doubts.

Another thing that I am hoping to capture is the strange lighting in this piece. This bathroom is lit as any bathroom would be with an overhanging light. This will only partially spread threw the open door and it will create many highlights and shadows that will be quite fun to create. I have a particular problem with creating hair so that will be an area I focus on in this piece. I intend to look up some YouTube tutorials and ask some of my artist friends how the create hair, hopefully this will help.

The last problem I face is whether to do this in digital or acrylic. I find that the digital world, though less messy makes it harder to capture certain aspects of characters. Then again I do not think I have the resources to create this piece in acrylic. I would need to find the correct canvas and be able to afford the paint for the piece, neither of which it looks like all be able to do. So I’m going to make it digital to cut back on costs and other problems. This will offer several unique opportunities since I am no expert at digital work yet and this will give me a chance to hone my skills.

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