Gloria Kimmel final project proposal

Final Project Proposa

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Name: Gloria Kimmel
Final: Project Proposal
Size: 18X24 inches
Medium: Acrylic
Since we have an open project for the final, I want to give a name to my future homework which is Light because I like the organic concept to draw, I want to work with flowers and leave and background, I do not know if I want to use the color of each element or change it to make it different. I love the idea of color relationships because is so nice to see how the pointillism became a define drawing or to do regular paint ways. I will hand draw the sketch; the size will be 18 X 24 inches on water paper.
I went to an art show, I was observing the type of paints they use and I saw a different of water color, oil color and acrylic color. My personal opinion is look the oil color is hard to work with it, every paints was oil look blurred, acrylic color is look nice a lot define detail and the water color also was nice look looked fresh and so clear. I want water color to experiment with the acrylic, to bring the bright color out and have the water color as background to have a three dimension to the picture.
If everything goes the way I am thinking, the plants will hand down from left to right, I want to use purple flowers some of them are close and one open, the color of the leaf will be green the shape of the leaf is very lobed, I want to use borders to make the flower pot out, I am thinking to have the natural color of leave and or flower.
The feeling I want to put in the homework is natural I love how the beautiful color flowers and shape in every single form and how the nature choose color to make them. I will use acrylic paints to create the perfect combination to get the color of the design.
During the process of the Light, I want to have a good balance with size of the plant according with the leaf and the background, I really want to use foreground to give an illusion of closest when you see the picture. I hope I can pull out the value of every single element according with the light will be coming from.
After the sketch is finish I will paint the flowers with violet color and get the value of each one of them and every leaf. I will combine the paints to get the perfect color, also I will have a border which will include as part of the plants but is the borders.
This is my proposal of my Light creation, I will do my best to follow what I wrote with all the details and color guide I have on this papers, I want to see how the mix of water and acrylic color will became together if will work or not. I will send more information half way done. I very excite with this assignment.

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