Final Project Proposal – Lauren F.

For my final project, I want to paint a picture using a realistic color scheme.  The most difficult thing about managing colors for me is to  reflect reality.  There is so much to color that I just don’t inherently see, which makes it difficult to replicate.

I will paint a self-portrait in order to work with colors.  This will limit most of my palette to neutral skin tones, but I will attempt to find a backdrop or background that adds a bit more color diversity to the scene.  Or I might just make the background up when I have done the main portrait.  Wearing brightly colored clothes will also spice things up.

In order to gain concept of what colors I should be mixing in order to make the portrait look more realistic, I will spend extra time examining the subject in order to get an understanding of all of the colors that make up the color I perceive.  My hair is brown, now, but it has traces of red, black, and blue in it.  My face is peachy, but there are bits of green under my eyes that go unnoticed without careful attention.

After the portrait is finished, I will pay special attention to photographing it so that it looks nice on the screen.  I will touch up the colors to make them appear as accurate to the actual photo as possible.

I don’t really know what to add to this proposal to make it more representative.  Schemes and palettes make enough sense to me; they’re decently straightforward.  The main challenge I face with color theory is concerning actual color selection and communication of volume.  If I manage to pull off either of these effects, I will be satisfied with my work.

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