Bridget Jensen: Final Project Proposal

    For my final project I would like to do a series using the LowPoly Portrait technique we learned during week seven of the Photoshop lessons. I would like to use several of my own photographs for this final project. I would like to focus on nature, landscape, and wildlife photos. I am going to do a serious of five photos that go along the theme I stated earlier. I think that the LowPoly Portrait gives a unique look to realistic photos. I think it would be fun and interesting to use my own photos with the technique.

                      I want to take my time with this final project and use as many different sizes of shapes that I can. I think that the more variety in sizes there are of the shapes the more shading and depth there is to the photo. I am defiantly way more into the digital aspect of art than I am the painting aspect. I think that using the LowPoly portrait technique with help me become more comfortable in Photoshop. I also would like to play around with the lighting, hue, and/or saturation of my photos before transforming them.

                      I have choses this for my final project because I think that it defines me more than painting will or does. I find the digital world to be very interesting and limitless. I had a fun time with the LowPoly Portrait assignment and wanting to expand using this technique. I am excited and ready to get started on my final project. Here are a few photos I plan to use in my series.Bear fireweed Fox

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