Alica – Final Project Proposal

For my final project I plan to create four pictures that represent four seasons. I’ve seen a lot of beautiful pictures online that combine people with different nature and urban scenes and depict beauty of both elements. Each picture should incorporate a silhouette of a women and a picture that captures one of four seasons. Even though most pictures of nature are in color, I’d like to create pictures that are monochromatic in the shades of blue. There are two reasons for color blue: one — I like the color, and two, if a final product is of a reasonable quality, I would have it printed on canvas and hang in my office or bedroom.

I have selected Photoshop to expand my knowledge and skills in using this software. Before this semester I had no prior experience with it and during this class I have discovered how versatile it could be and how it can be used for manipulation of existing images or creation of new ones. Understandably, it was not the main focus on the class, but short exercises that were part of the class allowed us to explore some basic functions and see opportunities for some future art projects.

The upcoming challenge I see with this project is that I’ll have to find tutorials that will teach me steps that are needed for creation of the pictures. I am not very experienced in using Photoshop so I anticipate that much more learning will be involved. I’ll also have to find pictures that will match the purpose of each picture and communicate the mood of each visual representation.

Here is an example of a double exposure picture.


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  1. I think your idea is great. I also was very unfamiliar with Photoshop before this class and had to find a few tutorials throughout the semester. I think that you are very determined and have set your mind to this approach and the only advice I would offer would be to add an interesting element to your pictures, beside the monochromatic method. Maybe play with different textures and filters. Again, good luck and I can’t wait to see the end result!

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