Jackie Project (late as heck)

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So the general basis behind this phone is this is a phone that lets you talk to supernatural and extraterrestrial beings. I called it PossesION because it sounded like the sort of stupid name that people love to give this kind of thing. This was not a good assignment for me. It took me forever to find the correct type of material to make this out of and in the end I went with mediocre rather than the best. It is made from paper towels and a tea box. I would have tried to make it out of larboard but it just wouldn’t behave itself so after multiple failed attempts I gave up and went with easier to work with things.

I do kinda like the way this box turned out, it is a bit messy but I liked the effect the rough edges have on it. It looks like one of those products you read about in horror stories when its like “I was at the store looking for a new phone because my dog chewed up mine and I saw this crappy box with a weird description and a strange smell emanating from it…” ┬áThat sort of thing.

On the downside the writing is rather messy, I am horrible at typography it turns out. I feel this combined with how late this is is going to bring me a well deserved F. I do feel really bad about this, but it just wasn’t my week. Hopefully everything else will go more smoothly from now on.



2 thoughts on “Jackie Project (late as heck)

  1. Unless you have solid concept, it is difficult to design sth from making up product. I can tell you were not motivated for this project.Construction of the package does not look like. Text is hard to read. Need works on typography. Dreadful color choices. I am sorry this was not a good assignment for you. But it is challenging to do something out of our comfort zone.

  2. Yah I agree it’s totally worthless. Sorry, you probably won’t believe it but I really did have good intentions for this project. I had a rather bad week in terms of school and this wasn’t the only thing that I scored horribly on. All the same though I could have tried much harder and for that I am sorry. I promise the next project will look much better.

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