Final Project Proposal – Hunter

For my final project I want to continue this style of drawing I’ve been working on for a little bit. I’ve only done it once, with this Lorde portrait:  Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 10.47.46 AM

but I’m thinking with the harsh coloring, I can use some of the color skills we’ve learned. I’ve always been super interesting by the second section of work that we did because color composition and color relationships have always interested me. I’ve also always been–on a side-note–interested by patterns which I want to try and add into this.


So this is the image that I’m going to base my project off of. I’ve been really into Adele lately, with the release of her new album. She’s very inspiring and her music really is going to drive this piece. I think this picture is really stunning and I think her expression really looks cool and collected to me which is driving me towards the color blue. I think I want to make her and her presence a monochromatic blue. Or maybe a purple, or a mixture of blue and purple (which would not make it monochromatic but keep it in the cool tones.) I want to make her outsides a screaming color of warm colors, making her compete against her surroundings. It is sort of like a piece I did earlier for this course that I really liked. For the background I’m thinking of making a pattern, or maybe just a cacophony of different objects, in a color discord style. I’m going to use the really bright oranges and fuchsias.

This is my really quick (crappy) doodle for the plan:


This sketch is really broad and not super specific, but that’s sort of how I usually work on pieces. I don’t like to draw everything up right away just because A) I don’t want to be disappointed when it doesn’t turn out the way I was thinking, and B) I won’t feel bad for changing my original plan ha ha. I’m going to do this digitally on my tablet, but try and incorporate some of the Photoshop skills we’ve learned. I’m really excited to start working on this and to finish it and see what everyone else is doing!

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