Joel S – Project 3

The other day I had some Thai food, and I spent time appreciating the little takeout boxes you get at restaurants. I wanted to use the folded creases on the side of the box for something, so I kind of worked backwards on this project, starting with a container, then making a product.


Here the piece is laid out, the sleeves are separate from the wizards they belong to in this stage.


And here are the rest of the views.

p3-4 p3-3 p3-6p3-2    p3-5p3-7

One thought on “Joel S – Project 3

  1. If I did not read your project idea, I would not know this was a food container. It was a fun idea. However, color choices needed to be reconsidered. Blue and dark neutral are not associate with food. Warm color tone should be good to increase appetizer. It was a fun box! 🙂

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