Project 3-Tania Winston


3 concept designs


Concept #2


Tania Winston. Quick Cup A’ Joe packaging design. Markers on paper. 9×12

I am actually not happy with my design and color. I had spent a lot of time on Photoshop trying to create a digital copy. What was coming out in Photoshop was not what I had envisioned, and as I am not as proficient with its use as I would like, I had to trash all my attempts. I had very limited time and this is the result.

My concept was basically a coffee cup and kettle that could brew coffee quick and on the go. This made me think of my husband in the field trying to brew coffee, and I thought this idea would go well with people who not only wanted to be eco-friendly but wanted something quick and easy, with no mess.

2 thoughts on “Project 3-Tania Winston

  1. I think that this project was particularly difficult as well; I understand the frustration.

    This packaging is for a coffee brand that is supposed to be easy to make and eco-friendly. It’s a simple rectangular design with red, green, and yellow as the primary colors. The designer was not afraid to use white space, however, which works in their favor because it gives the overall design room to breathe.

    It’s a little unclear to me whether the product advertised is just coffee, just a kettle, or both.

    However, the colors chosen by the designer to bring to mind brands that associate themselves with being healthy and eco-friendly. Green immediately makes me think of health food, and the image of the sun reminds me of nature. Similarly, the recycling icon speaks the same message in a much more straightforward way.

    The plans for the design were straightforward and well thought-out.

  2. Very good design process and concept. There are many great examples out there to look at. Color choice is the first decision to start off. Green and red are grabbing audiences attention but are pretty shocking for coffee. Images are not attractive. My suggestion to you is to look around for good design examples. Package design is not easy but it is challenging! Work harder. Do not be discouraged by this project 🙂

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