Lauren F. – Project 3

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I thought through several design ideas – a chapstick tube, a box for playing cards, or a grocery bag for a boutique – before I decided to take inspiration from Scott Pilgrim v. The World and make a box for Ramona’s made-up tea, liver disaster.  I decided that the unique thing about my product would be that it is an alcoholic tea – hence the name “liver disaster.”

I wanted to keep the design of the container simple, and refer back to the comic and movie from which the idea originated, so I used exes to refer to the evil exes Scott battles.  The exes as eyes also refer vaguely to game culture.

I decided to use teal and orange once again, because I find the combination pleasing, but this time I diluted the orange to make the box look just a little sickly, instead of bright and happy.

Constructing the box was quite frustrating.  I did the coloring before I cut it out, but even so, it was a pain to put together.

2 thoughts on “Lauren F. – Project 3

  1. Well I wouldn’t buy it to drink, but the box is fun. The artist did a very good job choosing colors that would attract the eye, but also colors the center around the theme that you don’t actually want to drink this stuff.
    The box itself is pleasing to the eye and you can really tell that a lot of work did go into it. The pieces fit together quite nicely. On a side note it does look a little bit flimsy but other than that it works excellent.
    On a side note I would not drink this tea. The inter box is dissuading me from drinking its contents from the x’s across the sides and the quote of “Oh no” across the side. As a warning the colors work perfectly and since the name of the product is in fact Liver disaster, I feel that this works to the projects advantage.
    As a whole the piece works in almost every way. My one complaint is would be the fact that you can really tell this was made with very fragile material. Other than this I feel that this piece is very wall designed and executed, good job.

  2. It is kind of difficult to see. It would look nicer in digital. Color choices should be stronger for “liver disaster.” Text is hard to read. Need works on typography. It is hard make Fun box!

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