Kathryn R- Project 3

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Here is a ton of pictures for my third project!   I’m not sure if the planning and design sketch was supposed to be on here so I added it anyway.

Fallout 4 was recently released and is constantly on in the background here, so I found myself being drawn to the whole 1950’s-ish product design so I used that as a springboard for this packaging design.   It contains elements from the 1920’s through 50’s for design.   The whole backstory is that it is post-apocalypse in that time period (thank you Fallout) but instead of nuclear war, I’ve gone with the ever-popular zombie apocalypse.   It’s far enough after the event that people ave established towns again, but occasionally need to leave the safety of the city limits.   That’s where these come in: Brainsavers zombie-repelling chewable gin tablets (gin because everything back then seems to have had some sort of drug or alcohol.   What is more fun than powdered gin?).   Chew one of these for four hours of zombie repelling action.   “Chase Away the Hungries”.   As far as I’m aware of, there’s nothing quite like this on the market!

I chose a simple color scheme because that really seems to be how things were packaged in that era.   Nothing was overly complicated.   I went with yellow because it is eye-catching and energy inducing- something that you probably want when you are in need of this product.   There are hints of red throughout the packaging.   I wanted to keep the colors warm and bright and play a little off of the macabre aspect of it- subtly!

2 thoughts on “Kathryn R- Project 3

  1. I love this packaging it is very clever. I think you did a good job creating a piece that fits the era you were going for. I haven’t beaten any of the Fallout games so I’m a bit out of the craze that is happening right now about Fallout 4 but I appreciate the reference anyway. I like that you made conscious choices with you color pallet and have a well planned design. You did a good job following the project requirements and obviously took a long time working on this. Great job!

  2. This is great! I eps like the mixture of typography of the backside. It also reminds me of the old ad. for the newspaper. I love the vintage look and illustration. Nice color scheme. Bright yellow brings up great energy. I don’t think I can chew these for 4 hours tho! 🙂 Well done!

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