Color and Composition – Hunter

I really liked doing these paintings. When I looked up Rule of Thirds and Rule of Odds on Google for more research and these amazing landscape photographs. I’ve never really be into landscape paintings, but for some reason doing these were so relaxing because I could use any colors without it being abstract because there are so many different colors and layers to nature.

This Rule of Thirds picture really caught my attention because it reminds me of my grandma’s house in Maine. She lives on the beach and there is a light house near her home. So I gravitated towards this picture a lot.


The Rule of Odds picture really was amazing. It was a silhouette of three wind turbines against this moody blue-green-purple sky. I really liked mixing the colors of the sky for this one.


One thought on “Color and Composition – Hunter

  1. I really liked the way the paintings turned out. Both of them are quite beautiful, though I think my favorite is the light house. You did and amazing job keeping the lighthouse in proportion, and i think it caught a very calm and peaceful aura. Your turbines also look very neat, I do have to wonder about the lighting in this particular piece I can’t really tell if the sun is setting or rising. But this is only a minor complaint, I really like the airy feel of both the pieces. Nice work.

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