Project 3-Devante Owens

These are all the images I took or the project.  Even though it took a really long time, I actually liked this assignment and thought it was fun thinking of design in an applicable scenario.  I’ve always been a fan of more simple designs and do not like flashy ads and packaging.  I decided to made a box for a projector gaming console called “Viro”, short for environment.  I did a few different sketches of what the box would look like so I could choose the most interesting shape.  In the end, I went for the triangular prism because it was the most versatile and mimicked the imagined shape of the product.  I thought this was important because not only does the box stand out on a shelf full of rectangles but it also alludes to the product.  This hinting at the product is also why I drew the projector eye and triangles.  I used cool colors on both the eye and triangles to add some harmony between the two.  I chose to have the triangles radiate out from the word Viro to hint at projection.  One idea I toyed with was putting little scene from video games within some of the triangles to add more interest but I didn’t want to clash with the limited color pallet.

Since this is a gaming console/projector, the price range on it is rather high.  It is also a product that would not be purchased on a whim by someone who knows nothing about video games.  For these reasons, I thought that adding a bunch of text would clutter the design and be extra since the people interested in Viro should already know what it is.  My favorite thing about the design is that it can sit many different ways because  of the minimal design.  Since there is not a large description box on the side, There is not a clear idea of what side is up and what side is down.  It can sit on many different sides and have an interesting profile.ColorsViroBlueprintsViro FrontViro SideViro OpenedBox

3 thoughts on “Project 3-Devante Owens

  1. This is so cool! I really like the detailing on the lens that you did! And also the small details; the pattern of triangles on the side, and the barcode on the bottom. I really am impressed with how this turned out because it isn’t the traditional box that was given in the example. Great work!

  2. This triangle shaped box is black on the sides with the product name “Viro” on one side and triangles done is cool tones on another. The triangles give the illusion of movement coming away from the name and almost like they are shattering. One of the larger white sides has a design that looks like a lens done in the same colors as the triangles on the side.
    The feel is minimalist and techy and I think this design would hold its own and really look like it belonged at GameStop right next to the XBox or PS4. The shape of the box mimicking the shape of the product is really cool and I think the novelty of that combined with the sleek design would have it pegged by look alone as a next-NEXT-gen console and would be really attractive to consumers.
    I think this is a really cool idea and this is a very effect packaging design! It would appeal to those in the market for a new game console. Great job- this is a really fun design!

  3. Cool design. Less is more. Modern look that Fit with the concept. I especially love the the idea that it can sit on many different sides. Clever! I can tell right away what the product is without any text info. Good communication design! The package would look nice in digital because your dominant color is flat. Good work as usual!

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