Alica – Project 3

For this project I wanted to create a box for Easter eggs. They are very fragile and take a lot of space to be shipped because they are in packages with lots of cushion materials. My box has a fold on each side to support the egg from wabbling on the inside and the box can be put in a shipping box stacked into cubes or rectangular prisms. I did not put any specific product name on it because it’s obvious what it is and for what occasion. I suppose that if it was manufactured by some company, the company’s logo and info should be on the box, together with nutritional information – probably on a side that does not have a bunny on it.

Box-scatch    Open-box

Side-1 Side-2

One thought on “Alica – Project 3

  1. This piece by Alica, shows a four-triangular cornered package, with white bunnies and brightly colored egg designs with purples, teals, blues, and pinks. When folded up, the package looks like a pyramid, and has some yarn as a carrying handle
    I find the design to be wonderfully simplistic, with the colors of the eggs at the bottom capturing my attention.
    The bunnies and eggs make me feel like a kid again. I want to carry this package around and collect eggs. The colors make me happy.
    I really like this idea of an egg carrying case, and the colors work well with the concept.

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