Kathryn R- Color and Composition

Reichert_RuleofThirdsRule of Thirds

Reichert_RuleofOddsRule of Odds

I left the grid on the Rule of Thirds photo so it’s easier to see how it fits in.   The fish falls 1/3 of the way into the photo and the boat and kid are centered 2/3 of the way in.   Horizontally, the water, brush and sky are divided in thirds.

In the Rule of Odds photo, the soldier in the middle has two guys around him, adding balance to the photo, offsetting the big chinook in the background in the other half of the photo.

Both of these are photographs (the Rule of Thirds is a composite) I took for another class but fit the guidelines of the rules well.

One thought on “Kathryn R- Color and Composition

  1. Great choice of photos for this assignment. These are both good examples of rule of thirds and odds. I don’t know if these photos were already in black and white or if you changed them to be so, but I like the lack of color.

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