Charlotte Project 3

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For Project 3 i wanted to do a burger carton from one of my favorite shows. I used an old carton i found to give me an idea of what it would look like flattened out. I scaled it up a little, added tabs so that when it was all done it would be easier to tape together.

I used colored pencils to get the effect i wanted and used the font from the show.

it feels too simple but i didn’t want it too cluttered. I should’ve used a different font for the slogan on the sides but mehh it will do. Most burger cartons dont have a lot of working.

The coloring took the most time but also the planning it out was somewhat tricky. I like it overall and the lok is what i was going for.

2 thoughts on “Charlotte Project 3

  1. Great job on the template. It really does look like a burger box.
    I like how the color transitions from green to yellow. I did something similar on mine.
    I’ve actually never seen the show but I’ve seen a lot of GIFs for it. I’ll have to watch it sometime.

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